The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Walloon Region-Brussels Federation, and Pix work together to evaluate, develop, and certify the digital skills of French speakers.

In France, students are accustomed to Pix from 5th grade and can receive national certification of digital skills through the 3rd grade platform. This platform, a French public service, will allow citizens to evaluate, develop and certify their skills from 2016 onwards.

Following the French model, the Walloon Region-Brussels Federation (FWB) wants to provide all French-speaking Belgians with the opportunity to develop their digital skills throughout their lives. In this context, in December last year, with the support of the National Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, we signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Pix to expand the platform to French-speaking citizens, government agencies, and education systems. did. Belgian French community.

Civil servants already participating in pilot projects between 2019 and 2020 will benefit from a dedicated Pix course that allows them to test and develop professional digital skills linked to targeted training actions set by the FWB. I am. By 2022, all citizens will have access to Pix.

At the level of the education system, all actors, students and students will benefit from Pix certification in the coming years. From the beginning of the 2022 academic year, some universities will use the platform with students to prepare for accreditation.

The partnership between Pix and FWB is another partnership with a state or public agency that wants to build a common language of what cross-cutting digital skills are by contributing to the internationally shared excellence. It is intended to serve as a model.

A dedicated platform for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation gives users access to the international version of Pix. This platform is aimed at all users, from beginners to experienced users. The difficulty of the exercise is gradual, responding after the response and adapting to the user for a personalized experience.

A playful challenge jointly built by Pix and Wallonia-Brussels Federation will be proposed, allowing you to approach digital skills specific to the Federation context, for example in relation to the online approach. FWB education engineers, professionals and IT developers will be involved in creating these challenges and will also contribute to the enhancement and general evolution of the Pix platform.

About Pix Public Interest Group and its international version,, is an online platform for everyone (students, students, professionals, job seekers, retirees, etc.) to evaluate, develop and certify digital skills throughout their lives. I can. Develop his knowledge and know-how through fun tests adapted to all levels. Pix develops its activities in France within national education, higher education, business, government, communities, training organizations, digital mediation and public employment services, internationally, especially UNESCO and Federation Waroniburg. We are developing in cooperation with the cell.

Several digits price:

  • Since January 2022, 7,500 civil servants from the Wallon-Brussels Federation have been supported by Pix.
  • Over 7 million Pix users in France and abroad
  • Passed 635,000 certifications