“The most beautiful poster”

French futsal team

Hours from France-Brazil in Toulon (9:05 pm), the blues playmaker evokes this match with the world’s number one “dreaming of the whole team”.

It’s arguably the most Brazilian of the blues. Playmaker Souheil Mouhoudine (68 caps, 33 goals) has been the centerpiece of the Raphaël Reynaud-inspired project since the start of the season. At the age of 27, he longed for tonight’s France-Brazil (9:05 pm in Toulon’s Palais des Sports, living in the futsal zone), his joyful, sunny, smiling and altruistic personality. Will be revealed.

Brazil, a match you can’t miss

“It’s the best country (No. 1 in FIFA ranking, 5 world champions).. It’s a bit like a showcase for this sport. These are the players we saw on TV, admired, watched at the World Cup, Copa America. This is a game that any futsal player wants to play. There is no more beautiful poster.I would like to continue rubbing in Portugal as well. (Double European Champion and Current World Champion) Or Spain. However, I think Brazil is a poster that makes many futsal players dream and the whole team. »»

Idol Do brazilian

“Brazilians are the players that inspired me when I played 11-sided football, especially Robinho and Ronaldinho. I also loved Beckham when I was young. There were quite a few great players. , Of course Zidane too. He marked the sport, he was probably the only French player that Brazilians and other countries highly respected. He served as an example. My Brazilian influence was on them. The game, their state of mind, their friendliness, their way of being in the locker room, as much as relaxing and always smiling at their music. We are really relaxed. And with respect to the style of play, with all the dribblers we have on the team, we are a little aware of ourselves in their style, at least it tells me. It’s fun to play. And in League 1 of Paketa, you’ll find that you’re having a lot of fun. This is the side you’ll find at Touron’s Palade Sports tonight. I want that smile at the end of the game. (To smile)..

I also listen to a lot of Brazilian music. The club has a lot of Brazilian teammates and I’m on good terms, so obviously I’m learning a little language. We also have this little Brazilian side painted in blue, but we have our own identities and ultimately measuring them will be a big challenge.

Ambition to compete

“Finally measuring to them will be a big challenge. To promote our discipline, we want to show everyone our most beautiful face. To us There is ambition. This is the heart of our project and the game project that has been running since the beginning of the season. We play high, do not suffer or blush, always show good value and seek victory. Many If, against the great powers, Spain at Euro 2018 (Draw 4-4), Portugal friendly in 2019 (Loss 2-1 and 4-3)When I went to Argentina (4-1 loss and 4-4 draw), We can manage to show something beautiful, but we always miss this little thing. Either a lack of concentration to the end, or this opportunity we miss, an opportunity is needed for the great powers, but one goal is two or three. This is where the match is played with efficiency before the goal. »»

7 consecutive wins in blue

“The new coach arrived on his project. Everyone was a little surprised at first, but I like it. It gives us confidence. It reverses the trend and is now respected everywhere. Encourages. At Turon on Monday, I showed a very solid performance against Slovenia. These Slovenians (2-1) because I was there during the last defeat (8-1 at home). ) Is a great satisfaction personally and a satisfaction we are willing to share with our supporters. The fact that we won this first title in the Netherlands (4 Nations Tournament in December last year) Then, by following up on the tournament victory in Croatia, we showed everyone that we are ready to tickle all the great powers in the future. Therefore, the conflict with Brazil is timely. »»