The Moto verte vierzonnaise club attracts passionate riders

This location is located in the woodlands near the river Balangeon and RD 2076 at the entrance to Vierzon. At a place called l’Orme-à-lieue, the Motovertevier zonnaise Association meets regularly in motorsports.

Bielzon Green Motorcycle Club

The 2.150km long cross-country course is used by the licensee of the Vierzonnais club, founded in 1984. club. A veteran rider since 2008 and 1996. “I used to be in Grasai, but there was a motorcycle club,” he adds.

Motocross competition at Orme-à-lieue

The club currently has about 60 members. Number to decrease. “Covid hurt us. Before the health crisis, there were about 100 of us,” recalls Gérald Desmoulins. Pilots are local pilots, but they are not the only ones. Some come from Nevers (Nièvre) or Etampes (Essonne). “We have a very nice track that attracts pilots,” adds the president of the Bielzon Club. Also, this site requires a lot of maintenance. This can be done thanks to the support of the city of Vierzon and its sponsors, primarily public works companies.

Six quads in 72 hours of pound sterling in August

The Motorsports Ground welcomes motocross, quadcross and sidecar cross riders aged 6-70. “We have a few young people, but not enough,” emphasizes Gérald Desmoulins.

To support the club, the field is accessible every weekend for the pleasure of the pilot. The club also hosts one or two competitions and driving courses each year. After the training rally from 5 pm to 10 pm on August 6, the driving course is also scheduled for August 20.
Vierzon drivers like Gerald Desmulan are also competing in races across France. This race counts as a French Championship, a Sand Race, or a French Uforep Championship.

Bielzon Green Motorcycle Club
The club also participates in the 72-hour Pound Vaux in the province of Ein in Mondial du Quad. This year’s race is scheduled for August 25-28. “And we’re in six quads. Each quad has three pilots taking turns, riding for 12 hours without stopping. It’s the first time so many drivers have participated in this race.” Gérald Desmoulins, one of the drivers who participates every year, explains. The driver’s presentation will also be held on Saturday, August 20th, at the end of the planned driving course.

In Desmoulin, driving is a family problem

Gérald Desmoulins is pleased to be able to participate in this 2022 edition with so many drivers. For him, motocross or quadcross is his life. Passionate pilots started playing at the age of 20. “I’m a competitor. I buy a bike and only race. And that’s a family story. She’s still driving because my sister is also a driver. My brother rode a bike, but today Stopped. I tried my daughter too. But this activity is expensive and requires a lot of physical preparation, “says the president of the Bielzon Club.

Yassine Azoug

training. The Moto verte vierzonnaise mechanical sports ground is open from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm on the first Saturday and Sunday of the second day of every month. Information about