The new life of an old snowboard transforms into an environmentally friendly skateboard

How to reduce the ecological footprint of the sliding sports industry? Two young entrepreneurs from Grenoble are surfing the waves of the environment by turning old snowboards into high-end, environmentally friendly skateboards.

At a small workshop in Fontaine, a suburb of Grenoble, two NokBoards co-founders, Adrien Reguis (41) and Vincent Gelin (32), gathered defective and used snowboards for skateboarding and I am living a new life in various ways. Other everyday items (clocks, mirrors, keyrings, etc.).

Hundreds of snowboards of all colors are neatly lined up on the wall, “classified and classified by stiffness” and then waiting to be sent to the cutting machine.

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Knock board


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Whether it’s classic skiing or snowboarding. “Currently, no solution has reached the end of its useful life“Therefore, Adrian Legis laments because these products and the very sophisticated materials that make them up are wasted. This is where thousands of boards are thrown into the bottom of the garage, buried and forgotten. It’s a way to end your career. “At best, it was burnt“.

The sliding world is “Very polluted industry“Acknowledge the entrepreneur who has long claimed for his part.”Ecological fiber“Recycling old snowboards saves upstream resources and eliminates waste. Snowboards collected from manufacturers and individuals are cut to the required dimensions and processed in a factory before being processed. Sold online. Sold at about 20 stores in France.

All skateboards made this way are different and attract customers looking for beautiful objects, but at first they are not always very aware of environmental issues. Designed to move around (not available in skateparks), it’s stronger, lighter, and priced than traditional competitors.procedure“Their designers say (between 200 and 300 euros). The two partners, which started in 2017, sell hundreds a year, with the addition of custom-made objects made of various furniture and scrap materials. increase.

The project was born when two young engineers worked near Grenoble in the research and development of snowboards for ski maker Rossignol. They said, “I couldn’t develop the idea within the group.Participate in the project“And we are launching with the help of Ronalpia, an incubator specializing in social and environmental issues.

It currently depends on the amount of recovery, but hopes to increase the amount of snowboards collected by amending the law and eventually increase the amount of production. With the development of the law, the sports sector sells sports and leisure items in particular. I hope they do too. “Diversified furniture parts“To be reused”100% snowboarding“By creating designer furniture made from old skis and snowboards.

Adrian Regis admits that the company’s path remains complicated for the foreseeable future, and when certain environmental awareness is occurring on the part of sliding brands and athletes. “”There were a lot of plaster.There are no links in the chain yet“, He laughs.