The NL Contest 2022, a festival of urban culture, will be held at Rotunda Skate Park from May 20th to 22nd.

For several years, the NL Contest has attracted hundreds of performers and thousands of spectators in Strasbourg, with a focus on sports and urban arts. This year, the International Festival will be held from May 20th to 22nd at the Rotunda Skatepark in Strasbourg.

The 16th Edition of the NL Contest-Urban Sports & Art Festival will be held on May 20, 21 and 22 in 2022 at the Rotunda Skatepark in the Kronembourg district of Strasbourg. It is named NL Contest (New Line Contest) because it is sponsored by the Nouvelle Ligne Association.

Each year, the festival welcomes the world’s best athletes and local artists in the field of sports. “”You can see roller skates, BMX, skateboarding, freestyle scooter competitions, that is, scooters on the ramp.These four major areas need to emphasize what is called “urban culture”.Association Emily Jade Boban explains. All this, with the DJ, without forgetting the musical side. “

Among the evolving headliners on the site are Australia’s CJ Wellsmore, three-time world champion, the world’s most successful Japanese, Rollerblade Peruvians, and French. “”In particular, the young Alsatian Florian Kastner, 19, who is already talking about him, is rising.“, Announced Emilejade Vauban.

For fans, Edouard Damestoy should also be present. Last year he accepted an invitation from world-renowned Tony Hawk and took part in the competition in the United States. The competition he won.

“”It is an event that riders also enjoy seeing other fields.We don’t stay in the corner, we talk to each other and exchange in a friendly spirit.“I please Emily Jade.

In addition to these urban sports big names, amateurs also have their place. Friday, May 20th will be booked for them. Saturday 21 will bring together amateurs and professionals, and Sunday May 22 will be booked for the latter. 3v3 basketball games, various types of dance and graffiti performances are also planned.

Like any good festival, the NL Contest is off before the weekend. “”This allows you to extend the NL period and offer a variety of formats.This way we get closer to the place of women In sliding sports, We offer a night photo exhibition at Stride Park. Then, on Friday, Marseille riders will arrive in Strasbourg on a rollerblade. “

The “Colors” activity, which started in 2018, will be held this time in the Noidolf district. Walls and electric or fiber boxes are provided for outdoor customization.

The NL Contest Festival attracts 300-450 athletes and artists from around the world each year. Audiences come from all over Alsace and far away. It is one of three events in Strasbourg and attracts audiences from all over the world.

In addition to the performance and festive moments offered, the NL Contest also addresses environmental and social behavior. Prioritize public transport, provide reusable cups, welcome young people and reintegrated people in the neighborhood for free, and protect equal opportunity.

Women’s practice and competitions are also encouraged by the association, and schools have been established to offer rollerblading and skateboarding lessons.

Today, Nouvelle Ligne wants to further develop this festival, which started in 2005 in Strasbourg. The festival is maintained in Rotonde de Cronenbourg, a place that grew up a few years after it was first set up in Wacken.