The “potential is endless” for the new sport at the Olympics, IOC officials say

“How can you claim that sports will be the Olympics?
He must first belong to the League of Nations, which must be approved by the IOC. Therefore, the entire mechanism with steps to reach the exchange is already in place. It is the federation that comes to ask us, “I am interested in participating in the Olympic program.” Many people ask questions, so we have a continuous dialogue. That’s why we frequently observe and go to the field to “feel” the sport and interact with athletes and other actors so they can understand the evolution of these sports in an evolving world. .. Accelerate.

Once you have made your choice, how do you proceed?
The challenge is to be as comprehensive as possible in the transition to this Olympic scene. Although the entry point is the International Federation, this Olympic inclusion must be associated with all major sports players. We are not here to turn our back on communities and legends. When skateboarding appeared at the Olympics, we talked to the League of Nations and others, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, and American actors.

“The fields of possibilities are endless, and from the moment reality is on earth, structured and popular practices emerge.”

Some people wonder about the integration of urban sports. What do you have to answer?
When introducing these new sports, in this case we will talk about skateboarding, BMX freestyle, surfing and climbing. We observed these sports in reference competitions and private events. What we have seen is that before becoming a rider, player, climber, B-boy or B-girl, they were top athletes. And the top athlete is a star in his eyes, whatever the sport, when given the opportunity to perform on the Olympic stage. This is a place where we are always relieved. The message is still overwhelmingly positive, with the majority supporting participation in the game. The challenge for us is to respect the norms and culture of this sport and do it the right way. That’s why we held city festivals to emphasize the overall lifestyle surrounding sports.

But who decides to integrate the new sport?
There are regular exchanges between the Organizing Committees on all subjects. On the other hand, when it comes to including new sports, it is a suggestion from the host city and will be done for voting by the IOC. Since this is a recommendation from the 2020 Olympic agenda, the first organizing committee to benefit from this was Tokyo and Paris second.

Can any sport be the Olympics?
absolutely. The fields of possibilities are endless, and from the moment reality is on earth, structured, popular and emerging practices continue. But of course, we are looking at a much larger whole.

What is sports? You may have a problem with esports.
For these communities, I believe it’s a sport. I believe the answer comes first from them because the esports community is structured and athletes are professional and trained like high-level athletes. In our opinion, from the moment reality is on earth, we must treat it like everyone else. »»