The promise has already been kept and some other achievements are visible

Oswald Homekey Sports Minister

April 6, 2016-April 6, 2022. The bursting regime with charismatic leader Patrice Talon has been in business for six years. Six years have passed since the sports sector, which has been entrusted with management by Minister Oswald Homekey, has undergone a clear transformation. This is the development of the sports sector for the achievements that prove that the government is moving.

Sports Benin lives in an era of real change. This is something to remember from the last six years, which is consistent with the management of Sports Minister Oswald Homekey.After taking He promised to revolutionize the sports sector in order to be more competitive, valuable and proud of the sportsman. Sports infrastructure, training projects, sports sector funding … the domains of the domains you need to touch to achieve great performance are not hidden. And the sports sector is improving through these daily actions taken by the government. What are the Benin people proud of their government today?

In fact, at the beginning of the five-year term from 2016 to 2021, the inventory of equipment in this sector revealed that there is virtually no sports infrastructure that meets international standards. Lack of policies for discovering and training grassroots sports talent, inadequate state subsidies to sports federations. Lack of private sector financing mechanism. Conflict in the governance of the Sports Federation. The absence of specialized policies, the outdated nature of sector policy documents. Poor performance of athletes and national teams in all areas. As President Patrice Talon of the Republic wanted, he acted radically to revitalize the sports sector in terms of “making it a true tool for human, social and economic development.” There was an urgent need to rethink to do so. Sports Minister Oswald Homeky and his collaborators are working on it. Under his leadership, they came up with a solution that could cause the applause meter to explode today.

In terms of infrastructure, there are currently 22 municipal stadiums with 3,000 seats, 1,000 of which are covered, each with a synthetic turf soccer stadium, an 8-lane tartan athletics stadium, basketball, handball courts and a volleyball playground. It consists of. And management blocks (all newly built); refurbishment of the Stud de la Kelekou stadium in Kouhounou, allowing Benin to host international matches. Regarding training, we have institutionalized sports classes at high schools and universities nationwide together with those involved in secondary education. Establishment of a joint sports association with training and recruitment of sports supervisors. Introduce sports professions (referees, first aid, sports reporters, coaching) to young students. Also, the soccer component of the Sports Class project has become a FIFA pilot project. FIFA has agreed to raise funds through a contract signed between Benin and football organizations around the world. The National School Championships were even organized within the framework of the aforementioned project for both girls and boys.

Regarding funding the sector, the mechanism for granting state subsidies has been restructured and the amount allocated to all federal governments has been revised upwards. Sports development taxes are set on behalf of private sector funding, followed by a clear mechanism. Regarding the governance of the Sports Federation, the ministry under Homeky has introduced reforms that require results-based management. Sector specialization by establishing a professional league and a sports association. And to support everything, policy documentation has begun to be created and updated, and there are guidelines for future generations to follow in the practice of sports in Benin.

Hope-giving behavior

So many actions that suggest Benin’s victory over the years. Also, some fruits are already out. Because the end of the crisis that raged in almost every sports federation (which started a football federation where actors did nothing but eat each other’s noses for 10 years) brought stability to the federation’s operations. is.

Today, in some areas, some athletes on the national team are pointing out that they are regaining previously unusual victories. At the individual discipline level, we know athletes such as Océane Ganeiro, Odile Ahouanwanou and Privel Hinkati who could be individually claimed at the African and global levels, for example. In the collective field, the national soccer team participated in CAN 2019 and advanced to the quarterfinals. In the same year, at the end of the first football championship during the break, the champion (Esae Fc) qualified for the group stage of the Confederation of African Football (CAF Cup). With false attention at this level alone, Benin was unable to continue to participate in the final stages of CAN. In six years, the government has taken steps. But there are still many others to reach the end of the tunnel. This is to continue the program of sports teams in sports classes and departments. Continue to build infrastructure and rehabilitate the stadium. Operate a sports channel in Benin and complete the establishment of a content production unit for sports and cultural events.