The race will take a break and take part in the European race

Seidu has been replaced by Mendy

Some whistles will ring, but the positive atmosphere will resume.

Sotoka and Klaus have the right to their applause

They are replaced by Saïd and Machado in a wonderful atmosphere.

The stadium sings to the glory of Klaus

Lensois is proud to have (probably) a future French international.

A spectacular parade of flour!

Khaoui will resume with a rebound. The Venezuelan goalkeeper stays standing for a very long time and hits the shot.

Lance double change

Berg and Cacta replace Fofana and Pereira Dakosta. A nice bench.

It will be a hit!

The referee made his decision and confirmed that there was no penalty.

The referee will see the screen

While the supporters are singing the colon.

Clermontwa demands a penalty

The Kyei header was pushed back at close range by the defender’s hands. There isn’t much space between them, so I’m playing with my arms crossed so far.

Tension between Bayo and Gaschen after the change

The striker didn’t shake hands with the coach, who seemingly took it badly. Case to follow.

First game changes

On the Clermon side, Dosso, Kaoui, and Kiei have been replaced by Dakunya, Bertomie, and Bayo, and on the lens side, Ganago has been replaced by Karimend.

Supporting the lens, 18 to 5 shots!

Statistics are inevitably in the interests of Brad and Gold, who dominate mainly.

Haidara takes a break!

Joko again pushed back the aerial ball he could catch with both fists, not the empire. Klaus, who just took a free kick, takes over the post and the ball returns to Haidara. 3-1!

Claus finds himself in the center forward position

Great recovery from the outside and great chain shots.

Hold down the lens

In a few seconds, there was Seidu, who had to make a decisive comeback in front of Sotoka, a shot from Klaus, who was difficultly repelled by Joko, and another distant attempt from Fofana.

Another great gesture from Sotoka

A good heel to combine in a race. Eventually, the French team will win half of the racing.

here we go again !

There is no change in break time. I hope the second period will be as good as the first period.

2-1 during the break, then!

However, Clermon began scoring with Rashani, but Lens embodied its dominance in the last few minutes of the first period. First Danso follows the corner, then by a genius stroke from Sotoca (or vice versa).


The ball from Clermon’s goalkeeper, who couldn’t see Sotoka behind him, was cleared by releasing the ball. A Lensois striker appears, attacking from a very tight angle and exploding the Bollaert. 2-1!

Joko flies away!

Clermon’s goalkeeper seemed to lose, but at first he went a little too far and misread the trajectory with a long bell-shaped shot. But the great level allows him to slam the ball over the crossbar.

The dance has been equalized!

The funny goal of the central defender in the corner rebound played immediately. The ball hits your chest and kicks with your toes. Joko is surprised and doesn’t move, 1-1!

The shooting stats for both teams are the same

4 trials, 1 target. The lens needs to work in its dominance.

The atmosphere of Borat is still warm

The recognized goal did not lower the decibel, with the very nice “Auxarmes” at the moment.

Clermon holds

Faced with Lensoise’s great possessions and sharpened movements, it’s not easy.

Da Cunha may have forgotten Rashani a little

Clermon’s Winger had a little nose in the ball, even if he had to emphasize his great progress.

The lens side plays a really important role

In a minute, Francowski went on strike after a cross from the right, and Klaus returned from the pole to the cross. Neither attempt achieved the goal.

Farines is having a hard time in the corner

The Venezuelan goalkeeper of the lens is the shortest in League 1 (1m76) and suffers in the air. Rashani cannot assemble his return with the released ball.

Claus dries

Lance’s piston looks good at the start of the match. We are inevitably watching over him, especially after his call to the French team.

Audience growls

Ganago scored a goal, but Ganago, who slid the ball between his feet, was offside and signaled that way.

Lens tries to answer

Doucouré tries shots from a distance, but almost too much. Djoco can be captured in two stages.

CLERMONT will attack first!

Spectacular control from Bayo who turned his back on the goal. Clermon strikers often fight and try to attack with their toes. Farines will be released soon, but the ball will arrive at Rashani and Rashani will start scoring! 0-1!

Francowski is already very aggressive

The piston inherits the ball on the surface and attempts a strike from a closed angle. The opposite Clermontwa and the corner give nothing.

Clermon warmed up with a T-shirt in honor of Ukraine

Lensois are blue jerseys and yellow shorts and socks.

Clermon tries to get to the ground

And it’s not easy for a big lance press. Either way, it promises a great match.

Alright, let’s go !

Kick-off given by Clermontwa.

Already the wonderful atmosphere of Bollaert

I saw a Greek a while ago, but when the player gets to the grass, the scarf spins.

The lens plays in yellow and blue

Sang et Or wears a tribute jersey to Ukraine.

The composition of Clermon!

Clermont: Joko-Zedaduka, Huntongji, Ogier, Seidu-Magnin, Gaschen, Bertomie-Dakunya, Bayo, Rashani.

Alternatives: Yamask, Biron, Mendy, Fojo, Kaoui, Busquets, Kiei, Dossou, Hamel.

Lens configuration!

Lenses: Farines-Danso, Gradit, Haidara-Klaus, Fofana, Ducole, Francovsky-Pereira Dakosta-Sotoka, Ganago.

Alternatives: Leka, Wu, B. Pereira, Berg, Kafzak, Machado, Cacta, Karimend, Sayed.

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The lens is currently 9th, 5th to 6 points. Clermon is 16th, one point ahead of the road blocker. Therefore, this match is decisive for both Europe and maintenance, and for the two teams sending the game!