“The real party in the city” delights sports assistants

Yazid Laredj did not hide his pride at Bleu Occitanie in France on Thursday, May 19th. The morning guest, Deputy Mayor of Sports, elaborated on the festival program while USC was in the final stages of Pro D2. The rugby club, which will be competing in the final of the championship against Limoux on Sunday, also conveys the dynamism of the city. And the Tour de France will stop in the city again in July.

Is Carcassonne worthy of the final stage of Pro D2?

Yes, that’s true, it’s natural. very. They announced it at the beginning of the season and they managed to do it. So it’s great for the city and it’s a really great source of pride.

US Carcassonne has worked for years to reach this level …

It was a long-term work with Christian Rabbit, who had been in command for 12 years and gradually returned up the stairs. All of this happened 12 years later, at these final stages, and only after this barrage we experience tonight.

The match will be in The Nevers, but is there still a party in Carcassonne?

Right next to Albert Mech Stadium, the mythical stadium of the city. There are two huge screens with huge meals hosted by partners and associations. At the same time, there is also a banda. A real party in the city tonight. The Nevers is about 6-7 hours drive from Carcassonne, and it’s a bit complicated for everyone to get there on weekdays. Therefore, we will work with the club to make this event as real as possible in all Carcassonne.

How many people do you think are in front of these screens in Carcassonne tonight?

I think there are 1,000 to 2,000 people on the premises. After that, there are lots of small bars and places where the match will be broadcast. So I think the city tonight will live in yellow and black.

Carcassonne is also the minimum budget for Pro D2. Proudly, can you arrive at these dams from there on this budget?

That’s true, we are small thumbs. It’s fun. At the French Football Cup, we are delighted that Petit Pooh Set was able to play against and defeat the first division team. We are also the little thumbs of this Pro D2 and hope to achieve tonight’s feat against one of the biggest budgets of this Pro D2 Championship and perhaps make it to the semifinals. So, certainly, having a small budget and reaching this level is also a source of pride.

It’s not just Carcassonne’s rugby union. Some Rugby League Club will play in the finals of the French Championship against Limoux on Sunday. Does rugby help promote cities across regions?

absolutely. This is a true spotlight for the two teams who were able to stand at the forefront of the stage. In the city, Carcassonne is traditionally associated with history and culture. And it’s true that in this sports spotlight we’ve managed to bring something else and show that we have a dynamic and young city. And that’s very good for the future of our city.

What part of the city’s budget does sport represent?

In 2022, the mayor chose to invest in sports. Of the 12 million euros this year, 4 million euros will be invested in sports. Not only for the renovation of the stadium, but for the renovation of all structures and gymnasiums around the stadium. Certainly we have an active and sporty town label and tried to develop it. Regardless of business or culture, we want to associate sports tourism with our city, not just the tourism we have.

Do you think tourists from the medieval city will also come to Carcassonne for rugby?

we hope. We have an airport, we are in the center of Occitania, we are in a really good location, we have good results at the sports level, so we change the level in the sports city Hope to bring this little extra that makes it possible to climb as you know today.

It is also spoiled for the Tour de France to return for the second year in a row. Is the hotel already full?

Carcassonne has three days, July 17, 18 and 19. Arrival, break day, stage departure. Indeed, all the hotels are full. The lodge is also full and hosts this spectacular event every year. With the actual work done at our tourist offices and hotel clubs, we can manage to meet them all in three days. The Tour de France, for example, stays 2,500 nights exclusively for organizations and tour runners. After that, some tourists come with fireworks on July 14th. So you will have a great week.

Return to rugby. Next year is the World Cup. Will you be the base camp for national selection?

We do everything for it, invest for them and get results at the beginning of the September school year. Maybe we will make the base choice for us and the camp. We hope so. This is one of the goals we have been working on since the beginning of this mission.