The scooter is heading for 2028 and the rollers are aligned

“I’m crazy about becoming an Olympic champion!” 17-year-old Estebanklot is convinced that his sport, the scooter, will compete in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028 with a new spirit initiated by skateboarding. doing. Discussions are underway and rollerblades are intended to follow the movement of urban sports.

In front of thousands of people during the Fiss in Montpellier-a must-see event for cities and extreme sports-scooters and rollerblades are one of two categories of skateboarding, the Street Park event (module). Performing tricks in the park including) made their Olympic debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. And the International Skateboarding Federation (World Skate) is not going to stop there.

“We are currently in discussions with the International Olympic Committee. Our DNA is an advantage because it is the DNA of the city, with the help of host cities such as Los Angeles (2028) and Brisbane (2030). Francesco Zangalini, sports director of World Skating, told the AFP.

“There are millions of young people around the world, and it’s exploded since last year, so scooters could be recognized in the Olympic Movement. We’ve already presented it to the IOC and we’re talking about Los Angeles. “. Zangalini is responsible for the development of 12 areas of world skating (135 affiliated federations).

The scooter is the youngest member of the urban sliding sports family, commonly referred to as “trotte” in the French-speaking community and “scooter” in English, and commonly referred to as “freestyle” at the Olympic BMX Park. I also participate in cycling (participating in the Tokyo Games).

-yellow card-

In 1996, Wim Outboker of Switzerland revived scooters from childhood. At the end of 2000, his company Micro sold 80,000 scooters a day. Since then, more than 50 million models have been sold, and the CEO of Micro France emphasized to AFP, “The freestyle scooter market is a big boom like all board sports in 2020 and 2021 during and after the pandemic. I experienced. “

Explosive markets, especially the young population, strong presence in social networks: discussions that can seduce the Olympics.

“It’s strange that we weren’t there in 2028 (at the Olympics) because there are so many people on scooters. Not bad. Frankly, with all the little kids practicing. Together, the video … I don’t know why there was a BMX, there was a scooter, and it wasn’t trotted in 2028, “said Esteban Clot, who turned professional at the age of 15.

Despite being a victim of collisions with skateboards and the biggest of BMX, scooters need to be structured to aim higher. When the International Scooter Federation (ISF) already existed, Zangalini, who took over the scooter, was “working hard”.

-Women’s assets-

On the other hand, there is much to do when it comes to sport fairness between men and women. There were no professional riders on the scooter during the fiss.

Inline skating, on the other hand, boasts a very important expression of women.

“To be honest, the sport of participating in the Olympics requires equality. For that, skating may be preferred. There are 10 girls in the world. There are so many in rollerblades,” he said. Manon Delien, a French woman from AFP, said. An inline skater, citing the level explosion since the Olympic label and the girl’s participation in BMX freestyle.

World skate was born in link hockey in 1924, and the roller blade brand boomed in the 90’s and hit the bottom of the wave from 2002 to 2010. Carried by a very trendy revival of 90’s fashion before returning a few years.

But to participate in the tournament, skating “must be more urban”, warning Zangalini that he will not lose hope for 2028.

The Olympics will then be held in Los Angeles, the location of the roller skates cult.