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-Russia’s threat to the West: NATO is also a “nuclear alliance”, Paris (Le Drian) replies

NATO is also a “nuclear alliance”, warning the French Foreign Minister on Thursday, and Russia will instigate a nuclear threat if the attack in Ukraine fails.

“The Atlantic Alliance is also a nuclear alliance,” recalls Jean-Yves Le Drian on the TF1 channel, calling Russia’s President Vladimir Putin a “dictator” and promising Russia’s “beating” western sanctions. did.

-Pentagon deploys 7,000 additional soldiers in Germany

The Pentagon will send about 7,000 additional troops to Germany in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a senior U.S. official in Washington announced Thursday.

The purpose of this new development in the coming days is “to reassure NATO’s allies, stop Russia’s attacks and be ready to support the needs of the region,” the official said.

-Moscow’s “air superiority fighter” against Ukraine (Western intelligence)

Russia has a “perfect air superiority fighter” in Ukraine and wants to accumulate “overwhelming power” around the capital Kiev, Western officials said Thursday.

“Ukraine’s air defense is now knocked out and they have no air force left to protect themselves. Russians want to gather overwhelming power around the capital within hours, defense is now It falls into the resistance of ground forces and the masses, “explained the official.

-Biden guarantees Putin to be an “international stage paria”

US President Joe Biden assured Thursday that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would be an “exile on the international stage” after his decision to attack Ukraine. Joe Biden also said in his White House television speech, “I have no plans to talk to Putin.”

-The Council of Europe is “considering” new sanctions against Russia (press release)

The Council of Europe has “considered” imposing new sanctions against Russia, which has invaded Ukraine, and after it was already enforced when the Crimean was annexed in 2014, it was pan-European in a press release Thursday night. Announced the organization.

At the end of the new “extraordinary meeting” of the permanent representatives of the 47 member states scheduled for Friday afternoon, they are the eighth of the Board’s decree permitting the suspension of all rights of the “representatives” of the member states. You can call the article. To exclude it even later.

-Russia controls Chernobyl power plant (President of Ukraine)

Russia, which has led the invasion of Ukraine since Thursday morning, dominated the Chernobyl power plant, which suffered the worst nuclear accident in history in 1986, and announced the President of Ukraine.

“After a fierce battle, we lost control of the Chernobyl scene,” said Presidential adviser Mihairo Podriac. Kiev had previously reported a battle near the site’s nuclear waste repository.

-Russian attacks aim to “decapitate” Kiev’s power-

Russia’s attack on Ukraine aims to “decapitate” the government in Kiev and instead introduce a regime in favor of Moscow, U.S. military officials said Thursday. “Basically, they intend to decapitate the government and introduce their own governance,” he said.

-Battle at Chernobyl near the nuclear waste disposal site-

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, fighting is taking place in Chernobyl. At least one storage space has been destroyed, but the results are not immediately apparent. “Russian occupying forces are trying to rule Chernobyl. Our defenders give their lives to prevent the 1986 tragedy from repeating,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Twitter, Sweden. He added that he provided this information to Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson of. “This is a declaration of war against all of Europe.”

-According to Ukrainian troops, control of a military base near Kiev in the center of the battle-

Ukrainian troops have announced that a battle is underway to control the Gostomel military airport, about 40 kilometers from Kiev. Images on social networks clearly show that he was attacked by numerous helicopters. Valerie Zarowsny, head of the Ukrainian army, added that the situation is also “tensioned” in the southern part of the country where fighting is taking place in the cities of Genicesk, Skadovsk and Chaplinka in the Kherson region near the Crimean Peninsula.

About the conflict in Ukraine

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At the same time, Russia said it had destroyed 74 military facilities, including 11 airfields.

In the image, in the photo: Impact after the destruction of Kharkov’s apartment

A woman with a bloody face in Kharkiv, Ukraine, after the destruction of an apartment building on February 24, 2022.

A woman with a bloody face in Kharkiv, Ukraine, after the destruction of an apartment building on February 24, 2022. © Wolfgang Schwan / AFP

-German football club Schalke removes Gazprom name from jersey-

German football club Schalke (D2) has decided to remove the name and logo of its main sponsor, Russian gas supplier Gazprom, from the jersey after Russia attacks Ukraine. “In light of recent events, progress and deterioration, FC Schalke 04 has decided to remove the word” Gazprom “from their shirts,” the club said in a statement. In the next match at Karlsruhe on Saturday, the shirt will be given the simple name “Schalke 04”. Schalke are a historic club in the Ruhr region, having become a national champion several times in the 20th century, but are now struggling to get promoted to the first division.

-A wave of criticism by Westerners-

President Joe Biden has accused “unjustified attacks” on Ukraine and accused Russia of launching a “planned war.” “Return your army to Russia in the name of mankind!” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres asked Vladimir Putin. “This is the saddest moment of my mission,” he added, at UN leaders. Jason Stoltenberg, Executive Secretary of the Atlantic Alliance, has accused Russia of “a reckless and provocative attack on Ukraine.” He announced the NATO Summit at a video conference on Friday, announcing the activation of “analyzing future directions” and “defense program to enable reaction forces to be deployed where needed”. did.

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Emmanuel Macron during the Virtual G7 Summit on February 24, 2022.

Emmanuel Macron during the Virtual G7 Summit on February 24, 2022. © Ludovic Marin / Pool / Reuters

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and Charles Michel, President of the European Council, said they “strongly condemn Russia’s unjustified attack on Ukraine,” and said the attack was “not provoked.” .. EU diplomatic director Josep Borrell declares that 27 people are preparing “the toughest” sanctions against Russia, forcing Russia to “unprecedented isolation” did. Vladimir Putin “decided to carry out the most serious attack on peace for decades against the stability of Europe,” President Emmanuel Macron declared, France and its allies on Thursday. Guaranteed to be “no weaknesses” in deciding sanctions against Russia at night. In proportion to the aggression it is guilty of. “

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-Alexei Navalny says he is “against war” and “distraction” in Ukraine-

Russian opponents spoke during a trial held last week for embezzlement of funds from his foundation. He said of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “I am against this war,” he began in his 40s, was imprisoned for over a year, attempted addiction in the summer of 2020, was treated in Germany, and then returned to Russia. This war is designed to distract attention from Russian problems, which only leads to greater poverty. I consider the bandits and thieves of this war who started. I was involved in politics to fight this thief’s criminal regime, “he continued. “This war will cause many casualties, waste lives and continue the poverty policy of Russian citizens.”

-Vatican believes negotiations are still possible-

Pope Francis on Wednesday approached Ukraine and lamented an “increasingly alarming scenario” threatening “peace for all.” This Thursday, the Vatican believes that “there is still time for goodwill, there is room for negotiation.” He said, “There is still room for wisdom. […] We will keep the legitimate desires of all and save the world from the madness and fear of war, “added Pietroparoline, Secretary of State and second-ranked Vatican City.

-The EU has “prepared” to welcome Ukrainian refugees who are “welcome”-

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday that the European Union is “fully ready” to welcome Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian attack. “Since all member states are at the forefront, we have clearly defined an emergency response plan for the immediate acceptance and containment of refugees from Ukraine,” said the EU Chief Executive Officer. “We hope that there will be as few refugees as possible, but we are ready to welcome them and they are welcome,” she added. She revealed that the EU is providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine to meet the needs of internally displaced persons. She emphasized that Ukraine will benefit from increased financial support, in addition to the € 1.2 billion currently available financial support.

On February 24, 2022, a woman is holding her child in a Polish Medica near the Ukrainian border.

On February 24, 2022, a woman is holding her child in a Polish Medica near the Ukrainian border. © Katsupel Penpel / Reuters

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