“The threat was so specific that Europeans seem to have awakened,” geopolitical doctor Frederick Ensel judges.

“In a few days, the threat looked so specific that Europeans seem to have awakened.” For their common defense, Geopolitical Physician Frederick Ensel, Lecturer at Sciences Po, Paris Road of power Published by Odile Jacob on Tuesday, March 1st.

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franceinfo: MEP (LR) Arnaud Danjean believes that European defense has progressed in a week over 20 years, do you share this analysis?

Frederick Encel: This is perfectly correct and thanks to Vladimir Putin. In the past, it was even more difficult because there was a very important strategic department. For example, Poland and the Baltic states under the threat of Russia did not apply to countries that probably focused on head-on defense, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy. Southern issues, especially Islamist issues. This also applies to German pacifism. Germany has systematically refused to intervene directly or indirectly in fierce conflicts for decades. A few years ago, in Mali, Germany refused to help France even modestly, and in the days there, the threat was very specific and, of course, the Europeans certainly “awakened”. It looked like. ..

Currently, the countries of the European Union do not have a common army, can this change with the war in Ukraine?

That can change, but in my opinion it’s defensive in the framework. why ? First of all, NATO is there and is not upset. Today, the European nation has not offered to leave NATO, even the duo of Macron Le Drian, who have struggled to convince the European nation to build a strong Europe. So while NATO has a defensive side, it also has a very powerful offensive side. The European Union can, in a sense, accompany NATO and secure its own defense with greater autonomy, but defensively. I can’t imagine the short-term or medium-term creations of the aggressive European troops deployed in the operational theater.

The United States has recently reduced its military influence in Europe, especially for the benefit of the Pacific, is this a factor that can favor Europe in this defense?

Absolutely, from Obama to Biden, it’s going through Trump to some extent, so of course facing China, and as a result, it’s basically the Indo-Pacific that tends to be the stage for future operations in the United States. No doubt, in the next few years, perhaps even Americans will accept asking Europe to work harder. In recent years, since Obama, I believe more and more because each NATO member has been required by the United States to “pot” up to 2% of GDP. Successive US presidents believe that American taxpayers should not pay as much as European taxpayers for the defense of Europeans themselves.

Will this war in Ukraine strengthen France’s willingness to defend Europe?

absolutely. It’s as if Putin had proved Emmanuel Macron’s policy for the past four years with his relatively crazy coup. The need to create European autonomy, at least in Washington-related defense issues, rather than breaking or avoiding NATO.