The words of the Ivan Corona invaders in front of the investigators

“”I did not act on behalf of any group.I acted alone … it wasn’t considered“A few minutes of hearings consulted by AFP said fellow prisoners who had fatally assaulted independence activist Yvan Colonna arrived in Corsica on Wednesday, March 23.

Frank Elon Abe, a Frenchman born in Cameroon and having a chaotic background, said:Terrorist Criminal AssociationAt Arles Prison (Bouches-du-Rhone), which attacked Ivan Corona at the gym on March 2.

Rejection of the idea of ​​terrorist acts

“”To be clear, I did not act on behalf of any group.I acted alone“, He guarantees from the beginning.”It has nothing to do with terrorist companies. I saw Ivan Corona and acted without thinking about the rest.“. He adds to the mock, referring to the justice of the peace he was presented earlier.”Making an amalgam (..) during an act of faith or an act of terrorism“.”I’m sure you have a mentor behind your accomplice, except I told you the truth, I don’t have a mentor“.”From the beginning (…) I explained to you that it wasn’t considered and I wasn’t in Jihad“.

“”Ivan made a blasphemous statement to God“He said in the first hearing by an investigator on March 2. When they were.”Defeated the subject of religion“Ivan Corona”Made myself a lawyer of God“Frank Elon Abe said.”He blamed God, he blamed“He accused Prime Minister Elignac of being convicted of being assassinated for having offensive language,” he added.5-6 times in the last 8 months“.”I think God attacked Ivan Corona through my hand.God used my hand to retaliate against the blasphemy“, He repeated.

He denies the plot

“”The day before the attack, I didn’t even know I would do it“.”I suddenly came up with it.I, I call it mektoub, fate», «Something you don’t know“.”I would have been waiting for terrorist acts»With key«Quarantine for at least 10 years“, He asked the investigator before adding:”Someone who would have planned such an act would have thought of all this“.”I was in a state of mind to act at that moment“. He also said,”Normally there should have been no prisoners in the room»And when it’s aggression, «Ivan must have been in the stadium“Make sure you have it”I was surprised to see him at the gym“Because the Corsicans were working in prison.”Sports assistant»For outdoor sports fields only. “”Yes I was inevitably improvised and yes I was on my way to take his life“, He admits.

“”If one day someone told me I had to hit Ivan Corona, I wouldn’t have believed it.If there’s something I don’t want to attack (…) it’s him“He said, he added:”At least he and we were able to share some things“, Especially “Running, bowling, chess“. Two days before the attackHe still spoke words that made God uncomfortable.I told him I didn’t like it“.”He apologized“. They also exchanged views on other subjects.I oppose the Covid vaccine and he“, He says, for example, add.”There may be topics we have agreed on, like Putin“, President of Russia.

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