There are no more tigers in the show!France 2 will separate from cats next season

Father Hula, Pas Partu, a treasure protected by a tiger … all these elements have already appeared in the first episode. Fort Boyard It aired in July 1990. But 32 years later, the production of the show decided to break up with one of these emblems. From this summer, according to our information, fans will find that there are no more cats in the 33rd season of the French 2 game.

“I feel there is a basic social movement to ask about the protection of large animals, especially felines,” explains producer Alexia Laroche-Jubert. 20 minutes.. She chose not to bring the tiger to the fort because of the agreement between the tiger owner and breeder Thierry Le Portier and France Television. “We’re going to pay him a very large amount, which guarantees him food and tiger care up to what we planned to die of their natural death,” she reveals.

“I didn’t have to withdraw the tiger before 2024.”

At the end of last year, Congress adopted a bill aimed at “fighting animal cruelty”, stipulating a gradual ban on wildlife in the circus. “Barbara Pompiri has nothing to do with this decision. It’s important to say that, Alexia Laroche Jubert guarantees. I didn’t have to retire the tiger until 2024, so two more seasons. I was able to shoot because I do this because I think it’s an important move for the viewer. »»

In addition, two years ago, before the bill was adopted, Production chose not to replace the 15-year-old Cali Tiger when he retired. “It’s a difficult decision I’ve considered carefully for three years, I support Alexia Laroche Jubert. It’s very good to remove them from a particular space, but I still need to know what they will be. Thanks to the contract between France Télévisions and a service provider who has supported the program for 30 years. Fort Boyard Separate from the mammal in all tranquility.

There is no significant movement from the public

It’s been several seasons since the issue of having tigers in the program was raised during the summer. The participation of journalist Hugo Clément, who refused to participate in trials involving animals, has rekindled the debate, with several animal protection associations coming forward.

“There was no movement of the viewers. I think it is more of a social movement,” said the producer’s testimony to appeal to politicians. “What happens after that? There is also private funding, but perhaps public funding can be summoned to help providers who care for very enthusiastic animals,” she said.

As part of the show, the tiger was only in the fort for about 20 days a year during the spring shoot. From now on, during this time, they will stay in the Thierry Le Portier Game Reserve.

Please protect the “tiger spirit”

The recording date for the season has not yet been set, but the team for the French 2 summer match is still working to fill the void created by the departure of felines. “There is a way to bring this universe to life through the spirit of the tiger. That is a very important aspect to our audience. We are experimenting with things, but we are still in artistic reflection.” Alexia Laroche Jubert commented.

The problem of embedding images of tigers taken in the previous season is also being studied. “If that doesn’t mean we don’t take it, it’s not the direction we took,” says the producer. Therefore, if they are no longer in the building, the roar of cats can be heard around the cell.