These candidates who could not present themselves due to lack of sponsorship

Due to the lack of signatures, some candidates, some of whom were important political personalities, had to set aside Elysian’s dreams.

The last straight line. Several politicians are waiting as March 4, the fateful day when candidates for the next presidential election must submit 500 sponsors to the Constitutional Council, is approaching. For the time being, the three candidates, Eric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon, who account for more than 10% of voting intentions, have not yet obtained valuable sesame seeds.

If this sponsorship system was strengthened by the law of April 25, 2016 and now twice a week the names of elected representatives representing candidates are published, the collection of 500 signatures will be It is often complicated for suitors. Since 1981, some politicians have also had to be confiscated due to the lack of necessary support.

• 1981-Jean-Marie Le Pen

Historically, and since its inception in 1974, the National Rally, then known as the National Front, has always had problems collecting 500 sponsorships, and many elected officials sign the far right. I don’t want that. In 1981, the Kuomintang ran for the second national election since 1974, when Jean-Marie Le Pen won 0.75% of the votes.

The rules will change this year. From now on, instead of the 100 required in the last presidential election, 500 sponsorships of elected civil servants were required.A rule that favors Jean-Marie Le Pen but is confusing Obs, Will be the top of the 480 sponsorships of civil servants elected in December 1980. He then stated that he was confident that he would “exceed the 500 signing standards.” But the situation turns around in the last moment.

“We were the last moment to collect signatures. 100 mayors made a promise. Before withdrawing them on the same day! I didn’t have time to look back and couldn’t introduce myself,” 2012. In the year Le Menhir recalled.With world..

Since this failure, the National Front, and the National Rally, have risen to the second round, twice in 2002 and 2017, and have not missed the National Elections.

Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1981
1981 Jean-Marie Le Pen © GABRIEL DUVAL / AFP

• 1995-Brice Lalonde and Antoine Vector

If Yannick Jadot officially announced his presidential candidate above the 500 sponsorship mark on Tuesday, environmental officials also experienced the most difficulty in getting a signature in the past. In 1995, when the fight for climate change was not at the forefront, Antoine Vector and Brice Lalonde were unable to obtain sufficient signatures. The first name also had 480 signatures collected.

If Brice Lalonde, a former White House candidate’s cousin, couldn’t run again in 2002 for the same reason, Antoine Vector would take part in the 1988 election, with 3,75% of the Greens. I got a vote. cast.

Another candidate rejected in 1995, Corsican regionalist Max Simeoni, who later became MEP.

• 2002-Charles Pasqua

The last stand in the history of French politics. Charles Pasqua, a former Interior Minister of Jacques Chirac and Edouard Balladur in the 1980s, announced his candidacy for the January 2002 presidential election.

According to various polls, 1-7% of voting intentions were accepted, and Charles Pasqua failed to sponsor 22 from 500 signature marks. On his campaign site (, no longer online, editor’s note), he attacked the Constitutional Council and said, “We will not provide further information to candidates until the final list is published. Decided. In fact, before the official list of candidates, Grasse natives didn’t know how many sponsors he had.

After learning of his failure, Charles Pasqua also blamed his political opponents, who he said, had filed an old proceeding involving him. “A strategy was clearly organized to push out certain candidates and discourage mine,” he said. Parisian.. After that, he did not give instructions to vote.

2002 Charles Pasqua
2002 Charles Pasqua © FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP

• 2007-Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a candidate for the Debout la France party, is currently out of luck with 422 sponsorships and is also used for tweezers finishes. After leaving UMP in early 2007 due to a disagreement with Nicolas Sarkozy, sovereigns were persuaded to get 500 sesame seeds and started the race for Elysee.

In mid-March, candidates will be forced to throw towels. “I now know that I will not reach the 500 signature mark,” he resigned himself during a press conference organized by the Diet.

A few weeks ago, this same Nicolas Dupont Ignan worldWhen it comes to giving their sponsorship, the pressure on elected officials. “I put in the mayor’s mind that if I sponsored another candidate, there would be a division,” he apologized.

Nicolas Dupont = 2007 Aignan
Nicolas Dupont-2007 Aignan © LOICVENANCE / AFP

• 2012-Dominique de Villepin

When he ran for the 2012 presidential election, former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin described it as a “problem” in France and had only one idea to confront Nicolas Sarkozy, who had increased his outings. did. Le Figaro..

On December 11, 2011, he formalized a candidate for the TF1 Newscast and was immediately surprised by some of his proposals, including a “citizen’s income” proposal paid to each of the French. Nevertheless, he is only allowed 1-3% of his willingness to vote, according to various voting agencies.

On March 16th, as the deadline approaches, Dominique de Villepin must face the facts. Despite various requests for help from selected French civil servants, he is unable to win 500 sponsorships.

“We still have one day left and will fight to the end, but except for the Republican miracle, we don’t need 500 sponsorships. […] It’s definitely easy for whimsical and radical candidates to put together 500 sponsorships, “he said. Express.. He had not joined the other candidates.

2012 Dominique de Villepin
2012 Dominique de Villepin © MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP

• 2017-Rama Yade

On his side, Rama Yade was certainly a candidate. After collecting only 353 signatures, the former Secretary of State for sports at Nicolas Sarkozy accused the mayor of the form of blackmail.

“The new sponsorship system is scandalous. There is blackmail on the side of major political parties and major local governments,” she told Lopinion.