These very specific donations to support refugees

The message is clear: national solidarity. After a six-day conflict between Ukraine and Russia, solidarity is organized for the inhabitants facing the war. heAccording to the latest UN figures, s is almost 500,000.

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Escape Affecting the French: Immediately, a strategy is set up to give what is lacking to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the bombing. In this way, Secours populaire is mobilizing the whole country with a solidarity collection and a call for donations. However, according to Jean Steritano, Secretary-General of the Alpes-Maritimes Federation, he warns that these needs are very specific.

“”It’s not a garage sale, you have to exclude everything that is clothing. I made it clear that I didn’t need clothing or blankets. If you need to provide, you will need to provide a backpack and survival blanket, but no cloth.It doesn’t need“, He explains.

Like the collections already listed in many French cities, such as Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux and even the Brittany region, Secours Populaire says ” “Experience” and therefore “I want to make sure the convoy meets the needs of refugees” can be read on the Facebook page of the Sequours Populaire branch of the Alpes Maritimes.

“”Then, for the children, we identified [des besoins] Milk powder, diapers, baby wipes. There is a water cut, so a wipe is required. You also need a stove. These are highly targeted products and do not contain pasta, rice or flour. These are products that must be cooked. It can be eaten chilled and reheated, but above all it requires jams, ready meals that require as little water as possible, without the need for preparation. Here’s an example of a new battery, FM radio … When you’re in a country where electricity is cut off, good old FM radio is the best link and it’s what makes you the most convenient.“, He specifies.

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Calls to social networks will also begin for medical devices, medicines, or hygiene products.Citizen protection French mayoral meeting For example, make a list of camp beds, sleeping bags, glucos meters, hemostatic bandages, disinfectants, and even respiratory and defibrillators. Me’The United States Conference of Mayors also shows collection points across France.

In a long message posted on Facebook, the Embassy of Ukraine in France is calling for people to commit as volunteers and allow them to travel to the Polish or Romanian border with Ukraine. Even joining the army: a call that some French have already responded to.

Finally, all associations are also seeking financial donations, highlighting the direct payment platform on their official website and specifying that it is possible. Within 20% of taxable income, you will benefit from a 66% tax cut on your donation.

As part of this, on Monday, February 28, the French state announced that it had sent 33 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Poland to assist Ukrainians. “Tent, medicine, food“,”Everything that helps people to be welcomed at their best“We have designated Gerald Darmanin. At the beginning of the week, more than 30 tons of material departed for Moldova and was also designated by the Minister of Interior. According to the Minister, two” drug-filled “civilian aircraft. The deadline for security equipment is approaching. I will arrive in Poland on Tuesday.