They made the news.Former Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu’s secret was beaten in a legislative election

Roxana Maracineanu still believes it on June 13, 2022, the day after the first round of the legislative election, while she is voting unfavorably (23.77% of the votes). She had a week to beat CGT activist Rachel Keke in the 7th district of Val-de-Marne, and her ex-maid was predominantly on the Nupes label (37.22% of the votes). .. A former sports minister, a candidate for the presidential camp, said,parachute“She doesn’t live in the constituency, so by opponent. Outgoing MP Jean Jack Bridie (LREM) didn’t run for health reasons.

Everyone called her “Roxana“When she towed in a door-to-door visit or market between the two towers. But this closeness, her familiar face four years after in the government wasn’t enough. “Republican Dam on the far left” But while it’s certainly Rachel Keke who won the second round, it was 100 votes that split the two women who won her ticket to join Congress on the network. Almost half of the constituency voters who voted for President Macron’s candidate remember Roxana Malacineanu. “It’s a bit annoying because there’s only a difference of 177 votes, but this campaign brought me new knowledge about self-confidence, new skills, population, region, and campaign potential. In my life. Take it as a positive passage. “, Breathe Roxana Maracineanu..

The trip of former maid Rachel Keke, who went on a long strike with a colleague at the Ibis Hotel in Batignolles during the campaign, has been widely reported for improving wages and working conditions. A “Amazing personal journey”, According to Roxana Maracineanu, who regretted that the campaign was mainly combined into one “Cartoon-like” Former Minister and Former Housekeeper Match: “Given the media coverage of this course, when I had the same type of course as her, a Republican, it was harder to start from nothing and reach a more successful sport than a professional.Fighting in the same dispute was a bit complicated as the same dispute has already taken place“. The journey she tells herself “I’m proud of her parents” When they arrived in France after fleeing Romania, they started from scratch with her brother and her.

In franceinfo, Roxana Maracinaeanu says she has “I played his card”: Former Sportswoman, World Champion, Olympic Vice Champion, Vice World Champion, and some fighting and education, youth, and former ministers with knowledge of sports have also made a big impact. “”I passed the second round thanks to this label, the president’s majority label, and the image of the president, but not all constituencies.“, She guarantees.

Former Minister blames: Rachel Keke “Escape from discussion” And did “I have never defended the project”..In addition, in a revelation of an old message posted on Facebook, Rachel Keke endorsed Marine Le Pen in 2017, and if done during the campaign, the Bashar al-Assad administration after the second round. Said that he supported “Would make a difference”, According to the minister “At least for voters who voted for far-left women who defended social values, not homosexuals or racists.”

To the question, she replies, did she want to stay at the Ministry of Sports? “Four years is a long time, even if it’s an opportunity to see all the decisions made at the national level come true with the Olympics in mind.” Does she regret not being updated?She contacts and she says she wants “Look at things differently” Especially to the subject she advocated in the province, the fight against sexist and sexual violence (800 investigations started), the status of women in sports organizations, the preparation for the Olympics, and even the association. The presence of sports in schools that participate in.

“When you are a minister, there are pros and cons. You arbitrate, make decisions, have ideas, propose, and get things done in grease, not in the hands of machines … but I’m a pragmatic and pragmatic person, and I like to do things. I regret being a member of Congress because it’s an essential link in developing everything the government does. It means that there is no such thing. Conclusion Roxana Maracineanu, Until 2025, he was elected to the Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency. She has her only term left.