“They polluted my daughter …” Grace for three men who attempted sexual assault on teenagers

At the Juvenile Court in Senlis,

In the statement of the judgment, the four defendants did not move and were even calm. There was no sound from the civilian party bench at the Senlis Children’s Court in Oise on Tuesday morning, but it was full. Three of the four adolescents who appeared in the first part of the Shina case (all minors at the time of the case) were convicted of sexual assault and violence at the conference and sentenced to up to one year’s imprisonment. I did. So far, from three and a half years when it occurred. The fourth defendant was released and failed to prove “the importance of the facts,” the security judge said.

However, the victim was not there to hear the court’s decision. Two years later, a teenager who was 13 at the time of the sexual assault was burned at the stake. Her new boyfriend, the respondent, will be tried later. “I’m not 100% happy,” says Shakir Hansier, a serious mine, shining eyes, and Shina’s father at the court exit. They have been sentenced, but the sentence is so low that they can continue their lives as if nothing had happened. I know they are minors and this must be taken into account, but they have defiled my daughter. »»

“I’m happy that the truth has finally recovered.”

The heaviest one-year suspended sentence was sentenced to her ex-boyfriend Ahmed *, who was 14 at the time of the case. A young man, pale complexion, short ponytailed hair, a black down jacket, and jogging are called “leaders.” On the same day of her attack, a complaint filed by a teenager threatened to lure her into her abandoned hospital and reveal her naked photo. On the spot, he demands sex. Two other teenagers arrive and participate in the violence while she refuses. Shaïna tells her that she was forced to take off her clothes before undergoing digital penetration and then on Labello’s tube. She was initially charged with gangbang, but the defendant was finally fired for gangbang.

However, the latter claims to have rejected the girl’s progress, despite being broadcast while listening to a video showing a teenager who is partially naked and trying to hide her sex under insult. And I didn’t stop denying it. “Shiina has been dragged in for two years and is happy that the truth has finally recovered after her death, which has a reputation as a liar. Family lawyer Me Neger Heli confesses, but I confess her. It’s still hard to believe, and I’m angry at blaming her speech fluctuations without considering the surprising mechanism when she’s always sticking to the essence. “The court is certainly a teenager. He submitted a “variable statement” of a young man and psychological expertise explaining the release of a fourth defendant who attempted an attack that occurred a few days before the hospital.

The prosecution demanded that adolescents and Ahmed be sentenced to two years in prison, including 12 months in prison. Prosecutors also claimed 15 months, nine of whom had established a strong position against the two accomplices and were finally sentenced to eight months suspended sentence. The fact that there was no criminal record and a ruling that the court was justified by the defendant’s young age. The victim’s brother, Yasin Hansie, claims that “we didn’t hear as much as we wanted.” This sentence puts an end to rumors, but these individuals left without fear when there was evidence that they had many contradictions with themselves … “

“Shiina didn’t lie.”

If the respondents and the prosecution have 10 days to appeal, Shina’s relatives are already facing the next legal deadline. Ahmed is still involved in the second step under investigation. He is suspected of beating a teenager in May 2019, five months before her murder, especially because she “dare to complain.” “This trial is the first step, but the line of sight remains the line of sight of his assassination,” the victim’s father claims.

Immediately after the body of a teenager was discovered, Driss *, then 17 years old, was charged and detained in October 2019. He denies the facts too firmly. “These cases are related to each other, even if they are legally distinguished, but the fact that we recognize that Shina did not lie is very important to us in the future. It’s an element, “guarantees his family lawyer. The decision to refer a minor to a large court should be known during the month.

* The name has changed depending on the age of the respondent.