Thierry Henry, a 99 euro “season offer” … Prime Video plans for next season

A small linen shirt ideal for the sun flooding Paris over the last few days, a nice looking purple trainer, and a smile he’s never lost. Alex Green was cool when he landed at a big hotel in Paris this Wednesday and talked about the new season of League One and League Two on Prime Video. The sports director of Amazon Europe, who arrived in the French capital on Tuesday, was pleased that football would resume its rights soon after a satisfying first season.

“The feedback from viewers, influencers and analysts was very positive and I can’t wait for the new season to begin,” explained Alex Green. In this second season, we will start offering seasons for football fans from July 11th. “Translation: You don’t necessarily have to pay € 12.99 a month to watch League 1. For € 99, ​​you pay at once and you will have access to everything. [sauf les deux matchs sur Canal, évidemment] In the season. Of course, it is a condition that you are already registered with Amazon. From July 11th to August 28th, Prime Video Early bird At 89 euros.

Prime Video L2 Multiplex

“Season offers help us know that we have a long-term commitment, both for our customers and for us,” explains the British. Last year, we couldn’t implement it because we only had two months to launch the offer. Asked about the possibility of having a club pass, Amazon Europe’s sports boss offers it when Prime Video doesn’t have 100% of the club’s match because the two posters are broadcast on the canal. Said it was difficult to do.

Another novelty of this new season is Saturday’s 7 pm League 2 Multiplex, which airs on Prime Video and is included in the Season Pass. Obviously, it’s not coming back to LaChaine L’Equipe like it was last season. “We plan to expand the scope of this championship. L2 is a popular show and will be included in the season offer to advance the green. We will continue to work with La Chaine L’Equipe. More than one match per day, not multiplex. »»

Thierry Henry extended

In the same, and in the department where it works, Thierry Henry will find a new season for Prime Video. He continues to enhance our weekend with his detailed analysis and his unique look. “Thierry likes to do what he does, he continues for additional seasons, it will be an important element of our team, pleases Green. He will be aired in France. I like. Our team is on the field and at the end of the match players come voluntarily and talk to Thierry Henry and Tibaud Le Roll on the edge of the grass. »»

For other rights related to French football, Alex Green preferred to remain mysterious. We know that Telefoot’s contract with TF1 needs to be extended after it’s satisfied. As for the Champions League, it’s still too early to know if Canal +, who has all the rights, will get some sublicenses. And if so, whether Prime Video positions itself. “Even if we don’t know what our future will look like in the rights market, we will continue to add rights,” slides Alex Green.

“FFT is in charge of tournament programming.”

Amazon Europe’s sports boss has also returned to the French Open for the second year in a row and was partially aired on Prime Video. Complementary audience. Thanks to Roland-Garros, this year we have really taken a step forward. The general public is back and the tournament will be held normally. This had a huge impact on the audience.Nadal-Djokovic, night session [diffusé en gratuit sans avoir besoin d’abonnement] It hit more than 3 million people. »»

For Djokovic Nadal, who finished on time and offended the crowd, who took hours / day to get home after the match, Alex Green revealed that even if the match started very late, it wasn’t the fault of the prime video. I made it. Working with Roland-Garros / FFT on night session programming, we do not impose anything. They are the ones who chose to put Djokovic Nadal on Prime Video. And it is they who decide the time to start the match. Even at the beginning of the evening, I’m not against starting an evening session early, but it’s a more logistical question because I need to get people out of the chatrie and bring others in. .. But again, it’s a decision that belongs to the FFT. »»