Things to remember from the day of March 20th (Sun)

Twenty-four days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, Kyiv continues its diplomatic efforts. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky goes to Israel on Sunday, March 20 “Make a choice” By specifically supporting Ukraine to Russia during a video conference speech in front of a member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

“Ukraine made that choice 80 years ago, and we have a man of justice who hid the Jews, it’s time Israel makes that choice (…) killing indifference, calculation Will kill you. “In a Ukrainian speech translated into Hebrew, reminiscent of his own Jewish roots, proclaimed the head of state. Franceinfo summarizes what you need to remember from the development of the day.

New Russian strike

Russia claimed to have used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine for the second consecutive day. This time, it destroyed the fuel stockpile of the Ukrainian army in the south. Mariupol, a strategic city in southeastern Ukraine, has been bombed for several weeks and suffered from water, gas and electricity shortages. Local officials have accused Russian troops of bombing an art school clock that acts as a shelter for hundreds of people. Make sure that citizens are trapped under the rubble.

The Azofustal steel and metallurgical plant in Mariupol, Europe’s largest, was also severely damaged by the bombardment. In northwestern Kyiv, shells exploded in the courtyard just outside the apartment building, injuring at least five people and hospitalizing two, according to the mayor of the capital, Vitali Klitschko.

More than a quarter of the population left home

According to Filippo Grandi of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than a quarter of Ukraine’s population, 10 million people, have been displaced by the Russian war. “The war in Ukraine is so devastating that 10 million people have fled, either internally displaced or foreign refugees.”Did he declare?

Turkey believes the agreement between Kyiv and Moscow is near

Turkey has ensured that Russia and Ukraine have advanced negotiations and are approaching an agreement.On his side, Volodymyr Zelensky said he “Ready to negotiate” With Vladimir Putin “Without negotiations, we will not stop the war.” In an interview broadcast by CNN, Russia went to Ukraine.

Slovakia receives US missiles

Defense Minister Jaroslav Naďa said the US patriotism anti-aircraft missile system is heading for Slovakia. This could help further arm Ukraine. Slovakia announced this week that it could supply Russia with a Russian-made S-300 missile defense system, subject to receiving a replacement to avoid undermining NATO’s security. ..

London calls on Beijing to put pressure on Moscow

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on Moscow’s strategic ally, China, to condemn Russia’s invasion. “As time goes on and the number of Russian atrocities increases, I think it will become more and more difficult and politically inconvenient for people, either positively or passively, to tolerate Putin’s aggression.”Boris Johnson said.

New sanctions on Russia

Bruno Le Mer, Minister of Economy of the Grand Jury RTL, said that France has moved about 850 million euros of Russian oligarch assets (yachts, apartments, bank accounts) to post-war territory in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Said it was gone.Le Figaro/ LCI.

Australia has adopted new sanctions against Russia by banning the export of alumina and bauxite, the two basic elements of aluminum production, and has promised to provide more weapons and humanitarian aid in Kyiv. ..