Three Questions About Launching Intercontinental Missiles in Japan’s Special Economic Zone

Sudden rise in tensions in East Asia. North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile on Thursday, March 24, arriving in Japan’s exclusive economic sphere, defeating the moratorium it had imposed on this type of weapons test since 2017.Tokyo immediately blamed the act “can not forgive”.. Franceinfo summarizes the situation in three questions.

What’s wrong ?

It all started with a warning issued by the South Korean army on Thursday morning. And it first reported firing by Pyongyang. “Unidentified projectile” Heading east. A few minutes later, Japan took a course at 3:44 pm (7:44 am in Paris) in the territorial waters about 150 km from the Oshima Peninsula (the northern island of Hokkaido) after the projectile flew for 71 minutes. I reported that it was finished. Hokkaido).

President Moon Jae-in said in a statement that the projectile launched by Pyeongtaek toward the Sea of ​​Japan on Thursday afternoon was an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM,). Intercontinental ballistic missile).that is “Suspension of intercontinental ballistic missile launch promised by President Kim Jong-un to the international community”He lamented.

Under what circumstances is this shooting done?

A UN resolution prohibits North Korea from testing ballistic missiles, which has been hit by severe international sanctions on its nuclear and weapons programs. Officially, the country imposed a moratorium on this issue in 2018. The fact that the missile launched Thursday morning is an ICBM is not trivial. Although not an intercontinental missile, Washington and Seoul suspected the North Korean government for testing several ICBM systems during these launches.

Kim Jong-un said last year that improving the country’s military power was a priority for the administration. Its purpose is to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that can carry several conventional or nuclear warheads, each of which follows an independent orbit and is difficult to intercept by the US missile defense system.

This test is also done when South Korea is in the midst of a presidential change. In May, Head of State Moon Jae-in gave up his seat to Yun Seok-yul, who was elected earlier in the month, and promised to adopt a tougher route in the face of provocation. North.

Many analysts hoped that Pyongyang, which celebrates the 110th anniversary of the birth of Kim Jong Un’s founder and grandfather Kim Il Sung on April 15, will help to commemorate this holiday. North Korean political calendar.

How was the reaction?

The launch of this intercontinental ballistic missile that fell into the waters of Japan “Acts not allowed in Scandalous”Brussels Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he would meet with other G7 heads of state and government.

“”[La Corée du Nord] It threatens the peace and security of Japan, the region and the international community. This is unacceptable. “

Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan

South Korean troops have announced that they have launched several missiles in response to the provocation of neighboring countries.

The United States has declared that it will blame some of them “With all your strength” Shots made by Pyongyang, and guaranteed they will take “All necessary measures to ensure the security of the United States, South Korea and Japan”, According to a statement released by the White House.This North Korean shot “This is an arrogant breach of multiple UN Security Council resolutions and unnecessarily raises tensions.” In the area, US executive spokeswoman Jen Psaki added.