Three urgent summit meetings within the next few hours

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3:17 pm – Schalke football club removes Gazprom name from jersey

German football club Schalke (D2) has decided to remove the name and logo of its main sponsor, Russian gas supplier Gazprom, from the jersey. Early Thursday morning, Matthias Warnig, German CEO of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline operator between Russia and Germany, resigned from the board of auditors after being subject to US sanctions.

The United States announced sanctions on Wednesday for the company Nord Stream 2 AG and its key leaders, including Matthias Wanich, who was appointed by Gazprom in 2019 to represent the company with Schalke.

Germany suspended the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project on Tuesday after Moscow recognized the independence of the self-proclaimed pro-Russian “Republic” in eastern Ukraine.

3:12 pm – In Kiev, residents are preparing for the worst

In Kiev, part of the population has evacuated to the subway. After the announcement of the military attack by Vladimir Putin, some people insisted on fleeing the capital. Click here for a complete photo report.

Daniel Reel / AFP

3:08 pm-“Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past”

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister tweeted calling on the nation to “help Ukraine” by “attacking Russia with strict sanctions.” “Every government wanting to abstain is naive,” Dmytro Kuleba warns. “Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past,” he still commands.

3:05 pm – Russia Today news channel is under pressure

News channels funded by the Russian state are increasingly contested in Europe as relations between Moscow and the Western nations deteriorate. Here is our complete article (premium).

3:02 pm – Macron’s message will be read by Congress and the Senate at 2:30 pm on Friday.

Emmanuel Macron will address Congressmen and Senators on Friday according to a route provided by the Constitution that has not been used since 2002. Parliamentary Presidents Richard Ferrand (LREM) and Gerard Larcher (LR) read at the same time in half a cycle A message from the head of state without the right to enter. There is no debate or voting. This is the procedure stipulated in Article 18, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution. The President’s message is exempt from the Minister’s sub-signature or prior conditions by performing personal acts.

3:00 pm-“Complete turmoil” tells Bergerakova Jambatistarix, who lives in Kiev.

Perigordan, who settled in Ukraine with his partner for several years, is about to reach Poland. He depicts a “surreal” scene. Here is our complete article (premium).

2:58 pm – Russia states that it has destroyed 74 military facilities

Russian officials have announced that a strike, which began at dawn on Thursday morning, destroyed 74 Ukrainian military facilities, including 11 airfields.

2:54 pm – Demonstration of support for Ukraine in Bordeaux

On Thursday afternoon, several Ukrainian citizens gathered at Gambetta Square in Bordeaux to show their support for their country. The new rally is scheduled for Saturday at 3pm. Placedela Victoire.

2:50 pm – IOC accuses Moscow of violating the Olympic truce

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has accused Moscow of invading Ukraine and violating the Olympic truce and announced that it would like to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian athletes.

He points out that on December 2, 2021, 193 UN member states adopted a resolution calling for respect for the Olympic Truce of the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games from seven days before the start of the Olympic Games. .. , February 4th, March 4th to 13th, 7 days after the end of the Paralympic Games.

2:43 pm – Three summits urgently meeting in the coming hours

Westerners will meet at the virtual G7 this Thursday at 3:00 pm to coordinate their response to the Russian attack. The European Summit is scheduled for 8 pm in Brussels, and the video conference NATO Summit is scheduled for Friday morning.

“Tonight’s events are a turning point in the history of Europe and our country. They will have profound and lasting consequences for our lives. They will influence the geopolitics of our continent. “Well,” Emmanuel Macron warned in a speech to France on Thursday.

2:40 pm – Russian authorities threaten anti-war opponents with sanctions

Russian officials vowed to crack down on “unauthorized” demonstrations in the country against the war in Ukraine on Thursday. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigation Commission have all warned Russians of any protests. The investigative commission pointed out that participants in the rally over “a tense foreign policy situation” and clashes were indicted.

2:38 pm – Poland is preparing to welcome Ukrainian refugees

The Minister of Interior of Poland has announced that the country will open nine “reception centers” for Ukrainians who want to leave the country. Mariusz Kaminsky assured Poland to accept “as many as possible on our border” without pre-estimating the number.

2:34 pm – EU calls on Belarus to “not participate” in Russia’s attack

European Council President Charles Michel called on Thursday to “not participate” in the Russian offensive in Ukraine, but Russia is using Belarus’ territory for invasion, according to Kiev.

“I appeal to Belarus and its people. You have the option of not following the destructive actions of Russia. You have the option of not participating in this unnecessary tragedy against your Ukrainian neighbor,” said Moscow ally Minsk. Is already under western sanctions, EU officials said. The Belarusian president claimed that his army did not participate in the invasion of Ukraine.

2:20 pm – oil and gas prices soar

Oil prices have skyrocketed on Thursday following Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The US WTI barrel has now risen to over $ 100, and the Brent barrel has risen to over $ 105 for the first time since 2014. Natural gas prices have risen 40%, the largest increase in a day since 2019.

Russia is one of the world’s leading oil producers, panicking investors about the potential disruption of hydrocarbon supplies. The country is also the world’s largest exporter of natural gas. The Old World imports about 40% of its needs from Russia. According to a warning on Thursday to French energy giant TotalEnergies, there is no immediate solution to replace imports from Russia in the European gas market.