TikTok and Facebook suspend accounts on European state media RT and Sputnik

On the left is RT's main account for Tiktok as seen from France. On the right is the same account as seen from countries other than the European Union.

Major social networks, at least in Europe, are beginning to limit the presence of RT (formerly Russia Today) and Sputnik. After TikTok, Facebook announced on Monday night, February 28, that it had suspended access to these Russian state media accounts in Europe. “Due to the exceptional nature of the situation.” Mark Zuckerberg’s company says it has “Received requests from many governments and the European Union” Taking further action against these public institutions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Public Relations Director Nick Clegg said..

In the afternoon, videos from RT and Sputnik were no longer accessible on TikTok. world.. In fact, according to our information, social networks have decided to limit access to RT and Sputnik on Monday. And TikTok’s French representative mentioned this measure at a meeting held Monday morning by Secretary of State Digital Cedric O on a major social network.The latter requested the platform to prevent access to the two media “Promotion” In anticipation of the decision announced by the Russian and European Commissions on Sunday. TikTok was the first social network to take such a step.

According to the survey results of worldRT videos in French, English, or Spanish are no longer accessible from France, but are still available to Internet users connecting from countries that are not part of the European Union. Asked, TikTok was unable to comment on this information.

On February 27, the European Commission President Ursula von der Reyen said in Europe “Prohibit Kremlin Media Machines”.. “The state media RT and Sputnik, and their affiliates, will not be able to justify Putin’s war and broadcast their lies to split our union.”She said.

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RT France has already announced its intention to challenge the deterrence in court. And said: “The decision to ban our channel of 176 employees, including more than 100 journalists, violates the rule of law and violates the principle of freedom of expression. What can justify this censorship? There is none. “”

Other platforms such as YouTube (a subsidiary of Google) and Facebook have already taken steps. On Saturday, the video platform announced that it would prevent the monetization of video ads from RT and Sputnik and limit their video recommendations. algorithm. Twitter announced on Monday that a very prominent statement that it is owned by Russia will be issued prior to the link to RT and Sputnik posted on the platform. The company explains that other public media should be treated the same in the future.

However, American social networks initially did not stop the two Russian media. At this stage, I believed that there were no appropriate legal provisions in internal regulations or laws.

However, the Commission seems willing to legally clarify the request for ban as soon as possible. Mmyself Von de Araien announced to “New tool” When A Brussels spokeswoman said at a press conference at noon on Monday.Work at “Practical arrangement”May be revealed when new sanctions against Russia are announced on Tuesday or Wednesday.

A spokesman said he was asked about the risk of seeing RT and Sputnik’s bans being challenged in the name of freedom of expression. According to the EU observer website,evaluation “I doubt if we can certify them as media.”.. In France, the suspension of the television channel RT France, however, requires a priori decision by media regulator Arcom.