TikTok exposes and recommends false information about the war in Ukraine to users

Less than 40 minutes: This is the browsing time on TikTok, you can just run it on the first connection and you will notice that you are facing. “False misleading content about the Ukrainian war”According to an experiment conducted by NewsGuard, which specializes in combating the spread of false information and assessing the reliability of online information, published a report on this subject on its site on Monday, March 21st. “Furthermore, according to a NewsGuard study, when searching for common conflict-related terms such as” Ukraine “and” Donbus, “TikTok suggested many videos with incorrect information in the first 20 results. increase. “Advance the report and specify that it is a question for both “Parent Russian Infox” When “Parent Ukraine”..

To reach this conclusion, six analysts of the company, connected from different countries (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, USA, UK) from March 11th to 16th, created a new account in French, Italian, German and English:

  • Create a new account, visit TikTok’s “For You” homepage and scroll through the videos to see the full video related to the Russian invasion. Analysts logged in to a 45-minute session that corresponds to the user’s short average daily viewing time.
  • Search for keywords such as “Ukraine”, “Russia”, “War”, “Kyiv” (or “Kyiv”), “Dombus” to see what TikTok recommends.
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“All videos are placed in the same plane”

“We wanted to know what’s happening on TikTok for the average user who has any interest in the Ukrainian subject, and what the algorithm suggests on this subject. am.Recontexting Chinese Labbé, Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Newsguard, based in Geneva. Especially because this app is growing rapidly and is being used by very young internet users. »» The experiment was not conducted on competing platforms or platforms that are popular with young viewers such as YouTube.

Analysts initially came across many humorous videos featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also found that they encountered problematic pellets. “Some are false and misleading, others are from reliable media with no context or warning, but some contain content that can be shocking.”Details Chinese Labbé.. “All videos, whether reliable information or Kremlin promotions, are placed on the same plane. It’s difficult for users to prioritize.”She regrets.

“If the experience performed does not mimic standard user behavior, we will continue to address the Ukrainian war issue with a strengthened security team to curb harmful and false information.”TikTok reacted world, Without explaining what you think it is “Standard behavior”.. “We also work with an independent fact-checking organization to ensure that TikTok remains a secure and reliable platform.” She added.

However, certain videos cited as examples in the report include videos that French-speaking tiktokeur mistakenly claims to do. “All images of this quasi-war are wrong” – Was still available on the morning of March 23, according to the findings of world.

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