Time change: Will this weekend be daylight saving time or will it be one less?

This year, the transition to daylight saving time will take place on Sunday, March 27th.
This year, the transition to daylight saving time will take place on Sunday, March 27th. (© Adobe Stock / iVazoUSky)

There is talk of deleting it, Time change Still related. The transition to daylight saving time will take place on Sunday, March 27, 2022... You will need 60 minutes added For your watch or other pendulum.

Therefore, it will be 3:00 am at 2:00 am this Sunday. This is alsoWe lose an hour of sleep It’s that night, but it gets brighter in the evening.

Even if your smartphone updates automatically, you still need to adjust your machinery.

Where does the change in time come from?

Time changes are valid in the big city of France Since 1976.. “It was founded in France following the oil crisis of 1973-1974,” the site service-public.fr shows. The purpose of this twice-yearly change is Save energy.

Initially, this measure was temporary, but eventually it will continue to apply. Ademe (Ecological Transition Agency) details in a post that this measure has been implemented. “Lighten the bill Oil in the era when electricity was produced mainly from power plants that use heavy oil as fuel. ”

Then, in 2014, Ademe realized that while changing times would save energy and CO2, they would remain modest.

If an increase in lighting is seen (440 GWh, or equivalent to the lighting consumption of about 800,000 households), the increase in heat usage cannot be accurately assessed.

Adme Energy Conversion Agency

And the agency has specified in a study that by 2030, gross profit should improve to shift from a savings of 440 GWh in 2009 to 470 GWh in 2030.

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Since 1998, the time change date has been Same for all members of the European UnionThat is, the last Sunday in October for winter time and the last Sunday in March for daylight savings time.

Why change the clock again?

I thought I didn’t need to set the clock for a while.And surely, in March 2019 MEP voted For deletion Seasonal changes in time.

Following this vote, a public consultation was initiated by the European Union in August 2018, calling on citizens to comment on this measure. Since then, many studies have pointed out the adverse health effects of this twice-yearly change.

But the decision still needs to be made Validated by each EU member state To find out if they maintain daylight savings time or winter time all year round. And while the directive requiring member states to choose between winter time and daylight saving time should come into force in 2021, the United States still disagrees.

Too many Incompatibility It exists between different countries and their time zones. This can be very different from one end of the Old World to the other. The European Commission also called for geographically close countries to agree on a common choice.

But so far nothing has been done. Enough to entangle the pendulum!

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