To bounce, French tennis is taking a digital turn

In September 2021, Benoit was in his 40s and took his tennis racket out of the closet. Dismissed for the first time in 10 years, Nantai took the first step in clay for an eight-year-old boy and returned to the sport of mind. Since re-registering, he has discovered many changes. Launched in 2019 by the French Tennis Federation (FFT), especially for all French licensees, especially thanks to the Ten’Up application. He found a lot of information there and urged him to return to the competition.

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“”Surprisingly, I immediately registered online for two tournaments near my home this fall. Previously, I had a hard time knowing the location and date of individual competitions in the world. “, We will publish this previously classified 3rd series (15/2). Designed as a social network, this application also allowed him to find players of his own level.A normal enemy he wouldn’t have “”Probably not known without this tool. “ He observes.

Adapt to licensee expectations

Very busy with work and family life as an animated filmmaker, Benoit travels between multiple applications to optimize his time. “In this sense, Ten’Up has made my life easier, because it takes a little time in front of me to resume a sport like tennis, and to make progress. , You have to play a match. I don’t particularly chase rankings or performances, but I want to improve myself and have fun. ” I will continue to be in my 40s. Since the launch of Ten’UP, FFT has claimed 600,000 downloads, over 200,000 monthly users and 350,000 application accesses in March 2022 alone.

Therefore, the advent of this tool coincides with the increase in the number of licensees. 947,000 cards registered in 2021 were distributed to 7,340 clubs in France. “But it’s hard to tell if this increase in licensee numbers (about 13%) was endorsed by the Ten’Up application.” Offend Lionel Maltese, a sports marketing specialist and lecturer at Aix-Marseille University.because “During the entire period of Covid, the practice of tennis, a distance sport without contact, was also less restrained than in other areas.” He observes.

Nevertheless, the application was an FFT priority, and the FFT included the following means: “To keep our competitors up by responding to changing usage of increasingly mobile practitioners and providing the tools needed to practice on smartphones.” However, Lionel Maltese, who participated in the development, was already seeking improvements to this application when he was part of the FFT management team. “Too generalist”.

“Content can be refined by people on the scene of the club. He explains. Information available to different target audiences, from lambda players to those who want it, needs to be adapted. »» Then create a version for tennis teachers who will benefit from unparalleled statistical tools.

Identify young talent

This application can be very helpful in detecting young talent and entering high levels. “French tennis, which benefits from a lot of resources, a good club portfolio and good infrastructure, lacks people to observe and give advice to players. For coaches who are not fully digitally trained. May provide data.The specialist continues.

Philippe Remy, a state-qualified coach in Tours (Indre-et-Loire) who accompanies young people at competitions, will be interested in it. “Ten’Up has already taken a step forward in terms of providing first ideas about the value of opponents who can track performance and ranking history, but these remain pretty sketchy. Go further. I think you can. He observes.

These paths of remorse do not seem to be a priority for federations that are limiting the platform’s development axis to improvement. “User experience” And targeting “A younger population by offering users around the home through the implementation of the’gamification’element, or by facilitating their practice.” And keep promoting tennis to the general public.


Padel promotion tool

Padel, who has been a member of the FFT since 2014, has experienced a few years of enthusiasm that French tennis leaders want to intensify. That’s why areas such as beach tennis have been integrated into the Ten’Up application to help users book courts, find competitions, and help newcomers get started through video tutorials.

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The FFT recently announced the creation of the first “Paris Premier Padel Major” to be held at the French Open from July 11th to 17th, citing its intention to create a specific license. France has approximately 280,000 players, including more than 130,000 regular players and nearly 20,000 classified players, and is divided into 450 clubs that offer this area.