To curb the sports budget deficit: The urgency of experimenting with the National Sports Development Fund and thinking outside the box

The unacceptable behavior of young basketball players in Kigali and their dismissal often sparked heated debate between those who supported them and those who demanded disciplinary action commensurate with the attack on the colors of the country.And as recently, many are taking advantage of the opportunity to try to resolve their personal scores...

In the case of a ban on basketball players who refused to protect Rwanda’s homeland, it is a pity that many played hard in the Marian Basketball Federation and their departments (Minister of Youth Sports, Citizen Education and Citizen Building) bonuses. Because you don’t really know how it is managed.

For example, it is useful to know that the Ministry of Youth and Sports budget covers only departmental functions (cabinet, central and ancillary services, etc.). The budgets for the various competitions in which Mali participates are not directly housed there. Prior to each competition, the relevant federation or the National Olympic and Sports Commission of Mali (CNOSM, eg participation in the Olympics) prepares a budget and submits it to the National Sports and Sports Administration (DNSEP). Company verification.

Once verified, it will be sent to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Finance. This is usually “Moralization“. A requirement that barely takes into account many of the requirements of fierce competition that are constantly being recalled by colleagues at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. But everyone knows that the last word is that of a financial expert. Some of them are still convinced that the money injected into the sport is equivalent to the money thrown out of the window.

Finally, competition is managed according to the budget adopted. The payment process often takes a long time, so it is not uncommon for a lack of funds to cancel participation or allow a federation to involve athletes. This is also why you need to do it in time to avoid unpleasant surprises. The amount of the bonus is determined by an inter-ministerial order (Minister of Youth and Sports / Ministry of Economy, Finance and Finance). Depending on the tournament, the total participation budget will be used for budgeting.

MJS is the perfect scapegoat

Therefore, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is generally misindexed when there is generally very limited maneuverability in relation to these financial issues that the budget cannot support. If it is difficult to give him a sensible circumstance, it is at the salary level of various technical managers paid by the Treasury, such as civil servants. In reality, things are often too long (due to negligence or administrative slowness) to be rejected without receiving most of the salary.

According to our information, the state has recently made efforts to repay football and basketball technicians with unpaid salaries of nearly CFA francs of 1 billion (in two tranches from November to December 2021). I have piled up. Finance also announced 400 million this year. Also, according to the same source, premium delinquency has been cleared from 2016 to the present. “”Expatriate basketball coaches are no longer overdue“, One of our sources said.

However, we must recognize that one day we will not be able to develop the ambition to appear in the African sports gratin and continue our voyage in front of us. We need a permanent solution to these problems of bonuses and salary delinquency for athletes and their technical staff. At some point, it was proposed to proceed to arbitration by an independent selection committee (Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Finance, CNOSM, National Sports Federation, Sports Press).

The tournament is scheduled in advance, so it’s a problem to see the tournament for the budget year. Depending on the financial capacity of a country, arbitration must be carried out by eliminating glorious competition and maintaining only competition that can bring a certain degree of fame to the country. This is also the motive, “Small federationPeople who are no longer satisfied with participating in various competitions. This procedure is discriminatory, but at least has the benefit of protecting the country from the humiliation that we have recently experienced in Rwanda.

Inspire from positive experiences elsewhere

But a good solution is to create a national fund for the development of sports, especially funded by a budget from taxes on certain products such as tobacco, alcohol, chicha and motorcycles. Blessed enough, we carry out annual arbitration according to the interests of the country’s sports. In most cases it is a specially assigned account, the advantage of which is the speed and transparency of its management. Its mission is to catalog sports practices and equipment with a view to multi-year funding. Rebuild a budget for actions that apply directly to the nation. It simplifies the structure of sports exercise and makes control more effective.

For example, in Benin, the National Fund for the Development of Youth, Sports and Leisure Activities (FNDAJSL, created by Decree No. 2013-328 of August 26, 2013) is of legal social and cultural nature. It is a public institution. Personality and financial independence. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports. FNDAJSL benefits from allocating state subsidies to support the development of sports practices in its operation.

Credits are for sports associations approved by the Ministry of Sports, Sports Federations, local governments, youth and leisure associations. For young project leaders, sports promoters, high-level athletes, and public interest organizations responsible for youth, sports and leisure. We can draw inspiration from it by taking into account our peculiarities.


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