To give meaning to its success, the French Federation is setting up its foundation

“Hand’Solidaire” was established in consideration of the 2024 Olympics. This is a foundation with an extensive executive committee aimed at developing more responsible and dedicated projects in this area.

“”Handball discourse is based on the concept of cohabitation and solidarity.On Thursday, April 14, Philippe Bana, chairman of the French Handball Federation (FFHB), smiled when introducing the Hand’Solidaire Foundation before the friendly match between France and Spain at the AccorHotels Arena. On his side, Marie Georges Buffet explained why she accepted the role of president of the Foundation’s executive committee.It is a real honor to chair this executive committee today. For years I have been closely tracking the development of French handball and the organization of its federation. After the Maison du Handball, the creation of this foundation was a logical step for a mature federation ready to work on building tomorrow’s handball.»»

How to summarize that the former Sports Minister does not meet this desire of Philip Bana. “Sports trophies and wins“but also”Give meaningTo this undeniable success for discipline that doubles the feat of weapons at the international level. Like the successful double at the last Tokyo Olympics, FFHB can be proud to fully understand the importance of gender equality, thus establishing itself as one of the hexagon model federations on this topic. Did.Around the eclectic executive committee to say the least-between journalists and television moderators (Jean-Luc Reichmann) who are fans of the field as well as former handball players-the Hand’Solidaire FoundationIt aims to amplify and emphasize FFHB’s social performance activities and develop collaboration with private actors around projects that connect people.»»

With the support of the French Sports Foundation, Hand’Solidaire is exclusively funded by donations from private companies and other donations. “”Links, links, and communications between the world of handball and the private world that can drive or support social innovation that create flexibility in initiatives that democratize handball practices, as are done elsewhere. The belt was missing.Field of sports“, Philippe Bana explains. More specifically, the Foundation has made it possible, among other things, to take concrete actions with different audiences to facilitate the development of all forms of handball. In order to facilitate the implementation of these behaviors and maintain balance, they are divided into five major families.

4 projects have already started

Four projects have already been selected by the executive committee, two of which target foreign countries and the African continent, and with the exception of the Maghreb countries, handball remains an unknown or minor area. Thus, the MESAD France Association has launched a project aimed at promoting handball to children ages 5-12 at Ivorian schools and universities, and Pays d’Aix Université Club Handball is working with the federation of the country. Established Senegal Academy. Many first stones were laid to build this foundation. This is the day when the French team welcomes the Ukrainian Le Havre counterpart. The match is now possible thanks to FFHB’s investment of 30,000 euros to advance the training. East in the middle of the war with Russia.