Top 10 sports with the fastest projectiles

Badminton and golf aren’t just sports for lazy people, so you’ll be very shocked to read this top. When practiced by our best people (not the average person), we have a really impressive speed record. Faster than a Formula 1 car, faster than a rabbit (I don’t know why you’re giving this example), and eating one of these projectiles causes problems.

It is badminton that observes the fastest sports ball. Malaysian Tambun Hong achieved a record smash and hit the shuttlecock at 137 m / s (or 493 km / h!).

Looking at the speed scale above, it’s almost twice the record for tennis (73 m / s), four times for volleyball (37 m / s), and eight times for handball (15 m / s). s). However, handball players are not weaker than badminton players. The carabatic weighs 1.95m and 102kg, and the phone weighs 1.81m and 75kg.

To understand the ranking of this fastest sport, you need to understand how speed is transmitted to the ball.

1. Badminton – 493 km / h

Faster than Formula 1 (397 km / h), the badminton shuttlecock is the fastest sporting object ever. Malaysia’s Tambun Hong broke the record and hit the shuttlecock at 137 m / s (493 km / h). As we remember, he seems to have lost the lottery ticket on the day. Champion badminton won’t win the round.

No, seriously, because the badminton shuttlecock is light and the racket is flexible (for example, it’s more flexible than a tennis racket).

2. Golf – 339.6 km / h

Faster than train (300-320 km / h) (And why are they always late …), golf, this big one-car sport is really really impressive. The fastest strike was carried out by Ryan Windsor of the United States, who recorded a speed of 349.38 km / h in January 2013.

3. Jai alai – 313 km / h

Same speed as a helicopterBut what is Jai alai? No, it’s not detox tea, and yes, it’s a sport. This is a variant of the Perota, and the Jai alai ball is also one of the most dangerous. It’s smaller than baseball, harder than a golf ball, and very fast to replace. Basically, hitting a Jai ​​alai bullet on your face will kill you (and your car’s key).

In October 2020, the Red Bull-sponsored challenge set a new world speed record. It was Inakiosagoiko Exia who was able to propel the ball thanks to a special carbon fiber glove at 313 km / h.

4. Squash – 281.6 km / h

Faster than speed bike recordsThe squash ball also goes very fast, but we were skeptical because the striking power is often impressive. So if you’re looking for a thrill, parachute jump, or rush hour line 13, just squash and hit the ball.

This record is currently held by Cameron Pilley of Australia at 281.6 km / h.

5. Tennis – 263.4 km / h

Faster than Mercedes Class A At the 2012 Challenger event, Australia’s Sam Groth recorded the fastest tennis serve at 263.4km / h (even if ATP is only aware of the service speeds recorded at the ATP World Tour and Davis Cup events).

For reference, Federer, Nadal, and Joko’s services are approximately 190 km / h, 217.2 km / h, and 210 km / h, respectively.

6. Soccer ball – 210.8 km / h

Faster than Clio 2 (I see you laughing, but the Clio2 can still climb up to 175 km / h), the fastest keystrokes were recorded at 210.8 km / h. In November 2006, Ronnie Hebelson Furuta de Arauho, known as Ronnie, who was playing in Sporting Lisbon, scored a free kick. This feat was calculated by Portuguese television (and therefore hopes the information is true) and therefore exceeds Arjen Robben’s old record of 190 km / h.

7. Hockey – 183.7 km / h

Faster than a hang glider (140 km / h), this is very fast (this is very dangerous, don’t do it). It is thanks to Russian defender Alexander Ryazanzev for borrowing this record. At 183.7 km / h, you may even wonder why some goalkeepers are supposed to stop this kind of strike in these situations.

8. Baseball – 174.0 km / h

Faster than a cheetah (Already running at 130 km / h, the maximum speed for humans is about 42 km / h, but lol), the fastest pitching record for baseball is 174 km / h. This record was set by American player Nolan Ryan in 1974 and has not been broken since then (probably because the technology of the era of speed recording was inefficient). In 2010, only Aroldis Chapman approached with a jet at 169.1 km / h.

9. Cricket – 161.3 km / h

Faster than the maximum metro speed (110 km / h) When it’s not blocked, or when there’s no discomfort on the move, that is, always. Even if no one cares about cricket, it’s one of the fastest sports with a projectile of 161.3 km / h. A record thanks to South Africa’s Shoreive Aktar, which was achieved in 2003.

10. Table tennis – 112.5 km / h

I jogged faster than the Gwendo buildingAt the same time it’s not complicated, table tennis is also a popular sport where people hit the ball like crazy. It is New Zealander Larkbrandt who strikes at 112.5km / h in the world’s fastest smash competition and holds the record for the fastest smash (yes, it does exist).