Top 14-Controversy “USAP and 1-Star Camp”: “Training Center Modules Will Be Replaced in Summer 2023” for Perpignan Sports Assistants

Sébastien Ménard, deputy mayor of Perpignan in charge of sports, sheds light on the situation at the USAP training center in the sports park after the hustle and bustle caused by seeking the help of USAP head coach Patrick Arlettaz.

How did you receive a message from Sébastien Ménard, USAP Head Coach Patrick Arlettaz, about the devastation of the Sports Park Training Center on Sunday night after maintaining the top 14 crew?

Calling the training center a “one-star campsite” was unpleasant for us and for the agents working there. For us, the municipality had a project on him with a training center underway. It is the result of regular replacement. Our purpose is clear. We want to complete the land acquisition so we can start working on it. We rely on land owners for sale and for four seasons of hydraulic or environmental constraints on land owners. Land surveys are conducted in parallel, after which markets, bid calls and planning begin.
USAP can rest assured, we keep moving forward, we are in a hurry too!

So what about the evolution of USAP training centers and training centers?

Above all, it is important to know that in addition to training centers and training centers, we are also proposing Aimé-Giral, which has invested more than € 5 million since 2019. Some were accepted and some were not. For sports parks that need to be expanded with a € 20 million project, we have evolved according to USAP, taking into account the demands of the training center responsible for the city’s investment of € 8 million. Budgets are already in place for training grounds, offices, weight rooms, bedrooms … yes, as Patrick Arlettas said, the place where young people live is unsanitary. But it should be remembered that it belongs to the public habitat of the office, which was managed by the former mayor Jean-Marc Puyol.
The purpose is to get this training center out of the ground to help the USAP Association and other clubs in the area, where young athletes from different disciplines gather and modernize their equipment. USAP is the flagship in the middle of all that. For professionals, the modular equipment will be replaced by a two-story hardware, with up to about 3 million euros paid in full by the city. Expect them in the summer of 2023. This is done in stages.
And if Perpignan wants to be in the process of welcoming the national rugby union team in preparation for the 2023 World Cup in France, it is necessary! Two years cannot make up for what the old municipalities did not do in ten years. This training center, which was temporary, was not available as expected by USAP. Had former Jan Mark Puyol had the foresight, he would have done something other than a land with a residential tower around where the landscape was plunging. It is a training center. The training center has a solution while waiting for it to be redone. As we have already proposed to USAP, Mas Delfau is at her disposal and if she so desires, she is taking out a loan in the form of a symbolic wreath.

Are USAP Training Centers and Training Centers Part of the Global Vision Aimed at Sports Parks?

of course ! In particular, contrary to what Jean-Marc Puyol said, there was no land acquisition process when our team arrived at the City Hall. There may have been an announcement effect, but no progress. We would like to double the area of ​​the sports park and install a green park and additional equipment. A hall with 1,000 seats, a stadium with nearly 4,000 seats to replace Jean Lafon Stadium, and two or three training grounds. For athletics, we will start work this summer at a cost of € 1.3 million, add two lanes and remake the tartan for national approval. The idea is to reorganize the city’s sports and create a hub between professionals and amateurs. In 2021, we know that professional sports alone, USAP and the Catalans Dragons, have spent a cumulative total of € 7 million on the city.