Top 14: Fofana walking a tightrope retires after dozens of injuries at the age of 34

The body finally said to stop. It’s definitely a little too old, tired, debilitated, and certainly debilitated. As a result, Wesley Fofana announced his retirement on Monday afternoon in the middle of the summer, and the Krelmon team resumed training on the same day. He will never see him again in a yellow jersey that has become increasingly rare and unobtrusive in recent seasons (15 games since September 2020, 4 games last year). Shortly before the first World Cup match in Japan, he met him for a long time in a French XV jersey who left Bruce after a three-quarter center with 48 choices from 2012 to 2019 was injured. I didn’t.

To announce the news, players published a message on social networks. Therefore, I choose to end my career. At the age of 34, a person from Paris who knows only one professional club bows with great numbers. It is 42 tries registered in the top 14 and 15 in the French XV.

Serge Blanco-like sprinter and tightrope walk

His record is not bad either. He is a French champion (2010, 2017), a winner of the 2019 European Challenge, and three finalists of the Champions Cup (2013, 2015, 2017). Along with Bruce, he experienced a dark year, especially under the orders of coaches Philippe Saint-Andre, Guy Nov├Ęs, and Jack Brunel. With a few flashes, in the midst of this long procession of disappointment.

On February 23, 2013, in Twickenham, I don’t remember Hub’s new defeat against England (23-13), but the exploitation of a 25-year-old youth who spins like Serge Blanco at the center of enemy defense. I remember. Both sprinter, slalomer and tightrope walk. When I received the ball 70 meters away from the English line, there was only white in front of him. With two accelerations and two jerks, he mysterious the six defenders and jumped into the in-goal.

Wesley Fofana was a physical and technical, fast and intelligent three-quarter. A treat to see. There is no doubt that he was a little fragile in modern rugby, where the shock leaves a serious mark. In addition, his mother wants to send him to this barbaric sport when a talented soccer kid who practiced with Jeremy Menez is “recruited” by his sports teacher, Serge Corinette. There was not. Braque University in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

He had to convince his mother

“When I was in sixth grade, he was the principal and encouraged me to join the rugby department. At the beginning of last season he told us. I didn’t know anything about it. I was playing soccer and I had a friend there. I tried it and immediately liked it. I felt free on the pitch. But I was convinced that it was scary. Every time we went to the gym, we passed by with the class in front of my building, and Serge let us go upstairs and chat with her. He gave him a few minutes. He eventually won. The rest just started in the center of the capital, then in the Central Highlands and then in PUC, before turning professional in Clermon.

“I enrolled in La Canal High School in Thor (Hauts-de-Seine) after spending the best years of rugby in college. He confessed to us. It was an incredible human adventure. Rugby It changed my destiny. His too many injuries will upset and put an end to the adventure of leaving such a beautiful image.