Top water sports to practice in the sea, lakes and rivers

If you have a fan of sunbathing or laziness on vacation, others will try to show themselves and go on an adventure. Water sports are perfect for those looking for a new sensation. Find the most enjoyable activities to do during your vacation, such as by the sea, near the river, near the lake.

Water sports to practice in the sea

Benefits: This sport helps build muscle, strengthen abdominal straps, and improve posture, balance, and agility.It also works for you concentration.. Surfing is morale: it allows you to exercise while enjoying the ocean, and awakens your senses. advantage? It’s a sport accessible to all levels.

Contraindications: Surfing is contraindicated for pregnant women, epilepsy, heart and respiratory problems, and even those who suffer from spinal malformations. Be sure to see a doctor before you start.

Benefits: Sailing allows you to escape and discover new landscapes. This makes this sport an excellent anti-stress. In addition, sailing involves all the muscles of the body.It ’s a good activity to continue. Build muscle during vacation..

Contraindications: Sailing is especially contraindicated for people suffering from chronic illness, cardiovascular disorders, renal failure, and pregnant women.

  • Underwater hiking or snorkeling

Its benefits: It’s a calm sport, but it burns calories because you have to swim. The advantage of snorkeling is that it is a cheap activity that requires only a mask, snorkel and flippers. It is also an opportunity to discover the seabed and its inhabitants.

Contraindications: In fact, the whole family can practice snorkeling. Of course, you need to know how to swim. However, underwater hiking may be contraindicated for people suffering from respiratory conditions or asthma.

Its advantages: paddle Is an ideal sport for Tone up during vacation.. It also seeks the cardiovascular system and improves balance. Doing it alone or with your family is a fun activity.

Contraindications: A contraindicated sport for those who cannot swim or who suffer from heart or respiratory conditions.

Water sports to practice in the river

Benefits: Canoeing strengthens muscles and improves cardiovascular and respiratory health. An ideal activity for discovering landscapes while working out.

Contraindications: This sport is for those who suffer from acute or chronic illness, who cannot swim, or who suffer from water phobia, who suffer from dizziness or imbalance, or who are highly sensitive to cold and moisture. Is forbidden to.

Benefits: Rafting enhances concentration, balance and coordination. It can exercise breathing and endurance as well as strengthening muscles. It’s also a thrilling activity!

Contraindications: Contraindications are the same as for any other water sport. It is also an activity to get in shape.

Benefits: Kayaking is a sport that promotes muscle building and develops speed, coordination and balance. It is an activity that allows you to escape and discover new landscapes.

Contraindications: These are the same contraindications as for canoeing.

  • Hydrospeed or torrent swimming

Benefits: At hydrospeed, you need to swim at a good pace. This helps to strengthen the muscles and relieve tension. This activity also requires your anticipatory skills.

Contraindications: You must be healthy, in good physical condition, and have no medical contraindications.

Water sports to practice on the lake

Benefits: Wakeboarding allows you to quickly build muscle and burn calories. This is also an activity that helps improve flexibility, balance and coordination.

Contraindications: There are no major contraindications to this sport, but you should be aware that it can put stress on your back. If you are suffering from back pain, it may be best to skip your turn or see a doctor.

Its advantages: Kitesurfing is a complete sport. It allows you to move your back muscles, pectoral muscles, abdomen, and legs. However, you need to be in good physical condition.

Contraindications: This sport is contraindicated for people with heart or respiratory problems.

Benefits: Pedalo is a calm and fun activity to do with your family. That doesn’t mean your muscles aren’t working! Foot rowing requires legs and abdominal muscles.

Contraindications: You need to know how to swim to make a pedal boat. It’s also a good idea not to go too far on the pedal boat. There is a risk that you will not know how to return.

Activities that interrupt your next vacation.