TotalEnergies sues Yannick Jadot for defamation

Environmental candidates have accused the energy company of being an “accomplice” to the “war crimes” committed by Moscow.

TotalEnergies said it hired AFP on Wednesday.Defamation proceedings without delayTo Yannick Jadot, an environmentalist presidential candidateComplicity in war crimesTo maintain activity in Russia. In a statement sent to AFP, TotalEnergies said, “Unacceptable words», «Very serious and unfounded“.

Complaints that did not retreat environmental candidates. During a press conference organized at the headquarters of his party, he said he was responsible for his remarks, adding that TotalEnergies was in action.Fully awareOf the situation in Ukraine. He also said that the giant “Work with Putin and a group close to the licensed oligarchs“. According to him, the action isLosing complete credibility to France“.

This new weapon pass, which occurred on Wednesday afternoon, is only the result of a tense exchange between the environmental candidate and the CEO of the group Patrick Pouyanné. In the RTL a few hours ago, the latter told himself “anger“.”When Mr. Jadot blames a total of 100,000 employees (war crimes, editor’s notes), it’s very serious and insulting, (…) it’s unacceptable.“, He reacted.”Mr. Jadot spends his time slandering my company. What I’m observing is that it lowers him in polls.He should continue the campaign and stop insulting us“, He added.” A word that is rarely appreciated by the people involved.Irony», TotalEnergies CEO Trends «Speak on behalf of employees“.

“Words have meaning”

At the origin of these tense exchanges, on Tuesday night TotalEnergies announced that it would stop all Russian oil or petroleum product purchases by the end of 2022.Conflict escalation“In Ukraine. Decision”ComplementaryThe previously decided suspension of capital injection into new projects in Russia, however, does not mean that the group will withdraw from the country.

Insufficient measures for Yannick Jadot. In a tweet written Tuesday morning, he pointed out:E. Macron-backed TotalEnergies makes some concessions, but is fully aware of the war crimes they are contributing to their finances and maintains most of their activities in Russia. Yes, that is to be an accomplice! Call on Total CEO P. Pouyanné to discuss with me“, He was requesting.

In a statement sent to AFP, TotalEnergies spoke directly to the candidate, saying, “Words have meaning and your words are unacceptable“.”+ An accomplice to a war crime + is to provide direct support to a state or a criminal organization that is the perpetrator of a crime.“, The group said.”Your remarks are particularly serious and unfounded for us, which do not operate oil or gas fields in Russia.“.

(That) insult the integrity of the team“, TotalEnergies has confirmed that it will continue.”Gas purchasing business in Russia to resell it in Europe, especially for the benefit of European consumers“, The entire “Strict adherence to European Union policies and applicable European sanctions“.

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