Toulon Metropole Bar Handball Recovery 5 Numbers

Toulon’s handball player returned to the sports hall this Friday morning while some vacationers attacked the sand castle and enjoyed the Siesta-Aperitif-barbecue combo on the Var coast.

Summer return with the keywords of presentation, physicality, and smile.

After a speech by President Perine Paul and director Stephen Printemps, and interaction between Toulon Metropole Var Handball (TMV) employees and players, the rebels were the first before the season, paying attention to coaches and sounds. A physical test was conducted. Physics trainer Alexander Dinko’s voice.

And there are five recovery numbers to remember to get a better idea of ​​this new Turon workforce.

13 professional players

Like last year, the TMV group will consist of 13 professional players. (1) Fiscal year 2022-2023.

“This season, all positions except the midfielder will be doubled, making the team more homogeneous.Says Stephen Printemps. But you can find a solution, especially thanks to the diversity of a few girls. “

In addition to this, there are five young people (2) From Dominique Blanchet’s training center. “They will be integrated into our training as much as possibleHe continues. This will form a group of 18 players. Especially since last season we have been suffering too much from 2 to 2, 3 to 3 or 4 to 4 jobs … there were few 6 to 6 jobs. “

This Friday, some Turons were missing, but the majority were present, among the injured and selected national youth teams.

In addition to coaches and physical trainers, Chrystal Belard, who manages video analysis, sequencing and stats, has integrated staff and players have joined. “And the goalkeeper coach Sandy Reborgne, who is already in the club, should join us.”

5 newcomers and 2 young people

The TMV Group has undergone many changes during this off-season. To compensate for the withdrawal of six professional players, the Touron Club has recruited five reinforcements for the next exercise.

Not to mention Alumina Isick on the left back of Bosnia, who arrived in January and spent the second half of the season with the rebels.The academy was also strengthened with the arrival of an 18-year-old fullback and an 18-year-old midfielder. (2)..

Average age 24.7 years

TMV relies on a relatively young team. The average age of the expert group is 24.7 years. Just below the quarter century.

The most experienced player turned out to be last season’s captain Amandine Balzinc (29-year-old goalkeeper, currently caring for Capbreton). (3)) And Norwegian rookie Mie Sando (28-year-old pivot, champions league finalist at the Norwegian club Larvik HK in 2013) and Malin Holta (29-year-old center half, three selections in Norway).

The youngest is Maria Berger-Wierzba (20-year-old Danes has returned to the left), one of the best players from 2021 to 2022.

7 weeks preparation

“We have almost seven weeks ready for the first match against Besancon in early September.Says Stephen Printemps. Our professional team is almost 50% updated. You need to create a set. And for that, we need to play a lot. The purpose of this preparation is for the girl to quickly feel the project of the game. Switch to a 6v6 match very quickly so you can find automation.

5 friends

In August, the rebels will play five friendly matches, including two return matches between Nice and Prandkyuk.

1. Goalkeeper: Amandine Balzinc (29 years old), Ophélie Tonds (24 years old). Winger’s: Eden Julian (26), Melanie Jobard (23,) recruit), Élise Caramello (22), Manon Pellerin (21, recruit). Pivot: Camille Mandret (24 years old), Mie Sando (28 years old, recruit Norwegian). Back: Armina Isic (26, Bosnian), Maria Berger-Wierzba (20, Danish), Djurdjina Malovic (26, Montenegrin), Chloé Pugliese (23, recruit). Center Half Marine Holta (29, recruit Norwegian).

2. Goalkeeper: Charlesène Servant (19 years old). Pivot: Auriane Salmon (20 years old). Back: Anaëlle Abiven (17 years old), Ilana Fontaine (18 years old, recruit). Middle half: Marylou Rangier (18, recruit).