Toulouse: Bacteria detected in Lake Larame, swimming is prohibited

Swimming at the Lacdela Ramée Leisure Center is prohibited from 14th July until further notice. Warning by the growth of algae in the basin, ARS detected cyanobacteria in the water. A new analysis is planned in the coming days.

On July 14th, the beaches of the Lame Leisure Center should be crowded. However, despite the heat and afternoons rarely beginning, there is plenty of space in the parking lot. The A4 sheet attached to the information panel at the entrance of the monitored beach is scribbled by hand. Cause: The presence of bacteria. thank you ! Just above, the official decree of the town of Tournefeuille strictly prohibits swimming and water sports practice due to the growth of cyanobacteria in the water. The event, which occurs during the heat wave, was already detected at Lac de Sesquières in June and at Lacdela Ramée in August last summer.

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Inadequate prevention

Marie Lou and Killian are CFS first aid. They regularly bike around the lake to warn swimmers about the risks associated with swimming bans and cyanobacterial contamination, but their job is not easy. Admit, we can’t do anything, we’re not the police! “Today, because the leisure base was closed, lifeguards were placed in the municipal pool. There are only six rescuers in charge of prevention across the territory of the lake. The area is 248 hectares.” It’s even hotter, They continue. It’s hard to convince people to stay on the beach. Indeed, cyanobacteria should not be underestimated. After swimming, skin and eye irritation, acne, tremors, fever, abdomen And muscle pain, as well as nausea and vomiting. Please inform the rescue team this morning. A 7 year old child was helped after being soaked in lame water yesterday.

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Residents of Toulouse take a bath despite the danger.

Residents of Toulouse take a bath despite the danger.

Shared bathers

On the other side of the lake, on the bather side, the answers vary. Many people, like Chanel and Marvin, choose to take risks anyway. They scream from the water, where they are up to the torso. Take a bath in a place that is not always controlled. Rinse well when you come back tonight and then leave! “Moreover, her visibly pregnant Elodie doesn’t agree.” I don’t know if it’s dangerous, but it still doesn’t take any risks. Like her, there are groups of young people not far away. “We are biology students and have just heard announcements related to cyanobacteria. We never bathe in this water! When they leave, they discourage the most courageous swimmers who are not lacking. Let me.

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I’m sorry Philip Plantard, Vice President of Toulouse Metropole and Mayor of Bourgierre. However, the results of the ARS analysis left us with a choice. I’ll repeat the test from tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s likely to resume on the weekend. »»

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