Toulouse.Decade of Mela’s Attack: These two miracles that terrorists were hiding were waiting in vain

A reflection of Mohammed Merah captured by GoPro in the mirror of the first target dwelling in Toulouse on the morning of March 19, 2012.
A reflection of Mohammed Merah captured by GoPro in the mirror of the first target dwelling in Toulouse on the morning of March 19, 2012. (© DR)

No one has forgotten these horror scenes. Confusion around. The Anguish and fear With the eyes of the survivors. Blood in a deserted courtyard.

“I took the USB key out of his pocket.”

Unbearable vision of Scooter killer Disembark on the premises of Toulouse from 7:56 am to 7:58 am on Monday, March 19, 2012Ozar Hatra, Jewish School in ToulouseWith a gun, Go-pro camera enabledFinally, flooding the media around the world with sneaky images that no one has ever broadcast.

X. is one of the investigators in Toulouse who worked on the case of the attack on Mohammed Mela. her, Montauban, Rose garden.. He was on the ground.

“I was the one who ejected the cartridge from his gun. When he was shot down by RAID I got a USB drive He slipped into his pocket. He was already able to send images of his crimes to Qatar’s channel Al-Jazeera and France24. We were able to prevent them from being broadcast. It was negotiated from state to state, “he recalls.

“His first goal was not a Jewish school.”

Ten years after the event, the wounds are still alive for men. However, investigators have an immediate clinical advantage.

“It’s probably hard to hear four dead, including a very young child, but fortunately, his Uzi submachine gun was from 30 we would have had that day at a Jewish school. I got stuck because I was 40 dead … “

Police investigator

On March 19, 2012, Mela was killed in cold blood in front of the facility in the Roselaie district. Jonathan Sandler,Teacher of 30 yearsAnd his two sons Aryeh, 5 years oldWhen Gabriel, 3 years old..In the school playground he plays Miriam Monsonego, 8 years oldThe director’s daughter, seriously injured a 15-year-old boy.

Images taken by his GoPro reveal this hunt

But what police officers are talking about today is a completely different story. Facts that are little known to the general public. “Mera’s original target that morning was not a Jewish school.”..actually Soldier4 inhabitedWhen One floor Croix-Dorade’s ResidenceEquidistant (5 minutes) from the slaughter scene and his childhood neighborhood in Isard.

Video: Currently in Actu

His target?2 non-commissioned officers of the French Army, 1 29-year-old Master Corporal And one 27-year-old corporalBelonging to 11When Parachute brigade Balma (Haute-Garonne) The person who was to be discovered and targeted by jihadists and in his eyes to join the eerie list of their peers broke the day before: Imad Ibn Ziaten (Killed in Toulouse), Abel Chenneuf When Mohamed Legud (Killed in Montauban). But fate was decided in another way.

He enters the house with a mail carrier’s pass

Even now, 10 years later, the image is still horrifying. I took a picture of what Mohammed Mela turned on during the “expedition” from a GoPro camera purchased at Porte Surgaronne. Investigation revealed that this video was shot on March 19, 2012. Black night.. This indicates that it is well before 7 am. According to the records at that time Dawn day at 6:59 on this sad Monday..

We distinguish Entrance to the residence.. It is reminiscent of the illustrious brick past that, in the modern version, has spread the architectural features of Pink City. 50 backlit doorbells cut through the darkness around you.

The image of the killer is reflected in the mirror

Terrorists use to break through the door Mail carrier pass. He was in the way, cold and systematic. And the image is created, it gets in the way, Reflected in the mirror Lined up on one of the walls in the common area. That of a slender man holding a black and dark bag, Wearing a white helmet, I folded the visor. Mohammed Mela photographed herself from the front before entering the elevator. He is a black and white gloved index finger and presses a button to get a 4.When And the top floor.

Once secured to the fuselage with a harness and the elevator mirrors appear in sequence, the camera will continue to rotate. He bent over his bag, Pull out the maggot submachine gun He finally puts it back in its original position. The same weapon he uses at Jewish school late in the morning.

In the elevator, the terrorist removes his maggot submachine gun from his bag. It jams at the Jewish school Ozar Hatla a few hours later.
In the elevator, the terrorist removes a maggot submachine gun from his bag. It jams a few hours later at the Jewish school Ozar Hatra.Without preventing the genocide (© DR)

Lurking behind the trash can

GoPro Pathological documentation work.. The long corridor looks narrow, but perhaps this impression is only due to the focal length of the lens, but it is provided to him. With his right hand Mela makes “two” signs, Raise the index and middle finger. No doubt he specifies the number of soldiers he plans to kill. predict. He decides his position. Recording ends.

one New video file It begins while the terrorists are finding the outdoors. After passing through the front door of the house, he turns right and In the direction of the garbage container.. He handles one and rearranges it as follows: Ambush tapirus.. He is ready for a strike and is waiting. Darkness protects him from prying eyes for a few more minutes.

Mela goes to Plan B

After that, the dawn will come. The camera shoots a sticker on one of the bottles, revealing a partial address.This makes the investigator a famous residence. Traces of this expeditionMarch 22, after the jihadists were incapacitated.

The night before, two intriguing witnesses approached him.

After a pizza party around 10 pm on March 18, 2012, two friends came across a suspicious person near a locked small room in the basement of a house on Grande Bretagne Street. He seems embarrassed by their existence. One of the two lives in this dwelling. He has never met this young man and notices the “strong smell of solvent and paint” emanating from the box. His friend writes down the license plate of his car, the dark Clio.
However, in the face of the potential danger of an explosion, they decided to follow their path and approach “this very special man.” At that time, Mohammed Mela had already killed three soldiers in Toulouse and Montauban and seriously injured another. His scooter is parked in an invisible box. A real time bomb. The duo asks him what he is doing here and why he smells this solvent. “Then he relaxed and told us that he was a painter and finished late, and he put the paint back in the box.” In short, “I didn’t have to worry.”
His attitude disarms his friends. “He was polite, relaxed and not offensive. I never thought he was the cold and systematic murderer the media was talking about,” police heard on the day of the assault. I testify to one of them. Just 10 hours after this funny meeting in the basement, the Jewish school massacre …

The “mission” will finally be cancelled. Deprived of his first goal, Mela goes to Plan B. The rest are known.File 5 minutes 28 secondsWitness the horror of an unbearable, attack on a Jewish school.

Left … The day before, to the West Indies

Police in Toulouse could only contact one of the two when they finally identified the occupants of the Croix-Drade dwelling. Despite his claim, they do not reveal the reason for their call.They just want Her roommates, find out if they can audition them And he..

where are they ? Why weren’t they at home on the morning of March 19th? The 29-year-old Corporal Master tells them, “I left Toulouse for two weeks.” Together with his troops, he participated in operations in Auvergne in the following regions: Clermont Ferran (Puy de Dome). His roommate? “I went on vacation to the French West Indies on March 18, 2012.” The day before Mela came.. Two miracles.

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