Toulouse.Double murder and drug trafficking: 6 arrests after score confirmed

Police officers from BRI and OFAST (Anti-Narcotics Office) have arrested six individuals in Toulouse. In particular, two murders were suspected at Izards in 2020.
Police officers from BRI and OFAST (Anti-Narcotics Office) have arrested six individuals in Toulouse. In particular, two murders were suspected at Izards in 2020. (© Julien Boutheiller /

This week is a major sweep during an organized crime. Toulouseannouncement Samuel Vuelta SimonPink City Prosecutor.

3 simultaneous investigations, 6 arrests

Around 6 am on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, an investigator for the Toulouse OFAST (Anti-Narcotics Office) Detachment was carried out with the support of the Judicial Police Investigation Intervention Unit (BRI). Arrest of 6 people. “Four of them were arrested in their homes and the other two were already in custody,” the prosecutor said. Samuel Vuelta-Simon states that the operation was coordinated by three judges in Pink City. Account settlement It took place in the Isers district in 2020, and drug trafficking was active in this same district. “

Murder and drug trafficking

Two investigations were subsequently initiated by the prosecution’s organized crime service. Two firearm murders, “At the same place”, it happened in Les Izards. The first time is August 24, 2020 and the second time is September 7, 2020.

“These murders took place in the context of competition related to drug trafficking.”

Samuel Vuelta SimonProsecutor of the Republic of Toulouse

The third opened by the same service is Drug trafficking laundering With an organized gang. Several have already been prosecuted as part of these cases, and three have since been detained.

Eavesdropped encrypted communication

As the prosecutor elaborated, these investigations were “confirmed” by the results of interception of communications from encrypted networks. SKYecc.

“This is an international telephone network specially built and used by organized crime.”

Samuel Vuelta Simon

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the interception of these exchanges was “approved as part of a joint investigation team in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, first held at JIRS in Lille, and then under national jurisdiction for the fight against organized crime. Moved to the area. (JUNALCO) in Paris in December 2020. “She was aiming The company that designed the system, This is “only for the purpose of facilitating the crime.”

Given the nature of the crime, it was during the exploitation of these conversations that JUNALCO seized the central judicial police department, especially the Nanterre Anti-Narcotics Pharmacy (OFAST). The Communication between criminals Those who used SKYecc were scrutinized by investigators at OFAST headquarters, as well as investigators from regional offices and detachments, including Toulouse.

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Multiple arrests abroad

From March 2021, “multiple arrests” have been made “in Europe and beyond.” What major traffickers wanted “Leading the feared criminal group,” said the prosecutor, who was the deputy director of OFAST before arriving in Toulouse.

Upon arrival, police seized “a very large amount of drugs, mainly cocaine,” as well as “money and weapons.”

Toulousain hid 140,000 euros in his car

Therefore, these three cases were boosted this week.The operation, which began on Tuesday in Toulouse, first allowed the arrest of two individuals. 31 and 35 years old, Detained.The search done at one of the houses Conformity cache If installed in a vehicle € 140,000.. Samuel Vuelta-Simon said on Friday, March 18, “Manufacture, manufacture, import, transport, possession, supply, sale, acquisition or use of substances classified as narcotics, laundering of this crime, and category B weapons. Possession “.

A man was arrested for murder and attempted murder

At the same time, from the other two 38 and 43 years old Arrested and detained. After their presentation in front of the examiner, they said on FridayOrganized gang murder Attempted murder by organized gangsters, both committed In recidivism Both are legal.

Two other repeat offenders already in prison suspected of murder

Finally, the last two suspects were arrested.senior citizen 24 and 40 years old, They were already detained first in another organized gang money laundering case and second in drug crimes. “At the end of the hearing, they were also presented to the examiner, Organized gang murder In legal recidivism. “

Seized weapons, vehicles, luxury goods

In these three ambiguous cases, in addition to the arrest, search Allows coquettish seizures performed and reveals prosecution.At stake: mobile phones, over € 150,000, jewelry and brand watches, some automobile, 1.4 kg of cocaine and about 10 kg of cannabis. Weapons were also confiscated: 3 pistols (Automatic pistols with calibers 6.35, 7.65, 9 mm), telescopes, ammunition ..

6 men in custody, other perpetrators or accomplices

Following their indictment, the prosecution demanded placement About remand Of the six individuals ordered by the Judge of Liberty and Detention.

And, as the prosecutor states, this giant dragnet is probably not over: investigations are being continued for specific purposes. “Other authors, co-authors, or accomplices Acts of murder, money laundering or drug trafficking. “

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