Training: PSG / Seville (2-0, Youth League), Paris will join the quarter after the fight

PSG challenged Sevilla FC in the 16th round of the Youth League this Tuesday (6 pm). And Parisian entered the quarter-finals thanks to two penalties from Simmons before the break and Yansane at the end of the match. The game was characterized by a number of faults and two exiles, including Seville just before the break at the penalty spot. Paris didn’t have a great match, but knew how to make a difference at the right time.


PSG composition for Sevilla: Lavallée-Bodiang, Fernandez Veliz, El Hannach, Muntu-Zaire-Emery, Kari-Gharbi (Odobert, 66th), Michut (Weidmann, 88th), Gassama (Yansané, 78th)-Simons
PSG Bench: Muke, Ramie, Naje, Wademan, Remina, Odber, Jansane.

Sevilla’s composition for PSG: Flores-Jimenez, Benavidez, Saras, Martinez-Zarzana, Juan Luis, Bueno, Fernandez Gomez-Alvarez, Taraveron (Olmigo, 46th)

Game sheet:

Goal: Simmons (1-0, 45th + 2, from penalty, caused by Muntu), Yansane (2-0, 86th, from penalty, caused by Zaire Emery)

caveat: Zarzana (2nd place, Muntu’s second half tackle), Jimenez (11th place, Gassama’s counterattack), Simmons (12th place, late tackle), Alvarez (29th place, simulation), Bueno (43rd place, Cali’s counterattack), Garbi (2nd place, Cali’s counterattack) 44 minutes, Dangerous Tackle), Jimenez (45′, Muntu’s Slow Tackle), Juan Luis and Bodiean (45′ + 3, Alternate), Benavidez (69′, Simmons’ Dangerous Tackle), Martinez (85′)

Evacuation: Jimenez (45th, 2nd reservation), Odbert (93th, dangerous tackle)


Paris has just begun, but Seville’s Big Entry Press is about to take ownership (second place). However, Muntu escapes from the left side and triggers the first card (second card)! The free kick is powerful, but it is pushed back into the corner and does nothing (4th). Sevilla are very aggressive, but vulnerable to counterattacks and were caught in the area when Garbi attacked (6th). Paris pushed with the ball, and Bodian broke near the surface of the water (10th). Seville has increased the disability, and after just 11 minutes, a warning has already been issued to the entire right side. However, at the counter, Simons has also been warned and is deprived of the possibility of the quarterfinals (12th place) …

Gradually, Sevilla picked up the game and readjusted ownership (18th). Garbi sends a dangerous center, but the defense is cleared in front of Gassama (20th). With a good press Garbi regains a very high ball and serves Simmons, who hits hard from the left. The goalkeeper pushes back, but the ball returns to Gassama, who has time to hit. Goalkeeper intervenes again (24th)! Paris suddenly gets better and pushes, but Bodian sees his cross pushed back (26th). When Alvarez fell into the area after contacting Cali, he suffered a slight heat stroke 30 minutes into the game, but was warned of a simulation (29th).

An opponent’s striker was also found on the cross, but his header wasn’t worried about Lavalle at all (34th). In the process, after a successful press, it was Zarzana who tried luck from a distance, but surpassed Lavalle’s goal (35th). Paris can no longer get out of the laundry and give up the corner, but Lavalle captures in two stages (38th). Gassama is thinking of challenging the goalkeeper, but he is flagged as offside (42nd). In the bad raise of the Jambon-beur, Xanazar could hit, but Lavalle captures quietly (43rd).

PSG penalty just before the break: Muntu escapes, Jimenez owns: Exile, etc. !!! Simmons transforms with a powerful shot at the target (45th + 2)! Sevilla began to provoke when celebrating the goal in Paris, and Bodian took over a yellow card like Juan Luis. The break whistles shortly after, and PSG leads after hurting speed.

During the break, Sevilla took out the striker for the right back. Gassama ignites the left wing from the beginning and crosses back, but is pushed back. He managed to strike, but it was countered while Mishut arrived shortly (47th). Sevilla also appear in the very wide header (48th) of the goal. Despite having one less player, it is the Andalusians who have the ball but do nothing, and Paris is gradually regaining control. Simon’s was found in the area, but no one in his center (56th). PSG has the ball, but does not take the risk, and Muntu is working well to avoid Lavalle having to manage the duel (63rd).

The match wasn’t exciting, Sevilla continued to make mistakes and Simmons was shattered (69th). Sevilla managed to get into danger at the corner after the counter, but Simmons finally pushed back into the area (73rd). In subsequent free kicks, Martinez leads and goes right next to Farpost (74th). A good climb from Muntu ends with a cross at a distant post, but it’s too strong (77th). At the counter, Simmons noticed that he was in a very good striking position, but he sent his attempt into the clouds (80th).

PSG eventually gets a second penalty: Simmons launches Zaire Emery thoroughly, avoiding the goalkeeper and the last defender, but the latter restrains him to prevent him from scoring, Obstacles logically whistle (84th)! There was a new provocation from the Seville in front of the shooting and the card … Painful Andalusians, very painful. Yansane rushes forward and transforms into a unit at the ground level (2-0, 86th)!

The end of the match is marked by many bad shots between the two teams, and Wilson Odbert is banished for a tackle leaning against the Spaniards (93rd)!


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