TV program.Sarah Abitbol returns to her “very long silence” in France 2

“We must get out of this murderous silence.” In January 2020, Sarah Abitbol ObsBeing a victim of rape, excitement and sexual harassment by a former coach of Gilley Bayer, National Technical Director of the French Federation of Ice Sports (FFSG).At the same time, the skater released the title book So long silence, Here she explains that she began to experience the nightmares and horrors she had suffered since she was 15 years old, and Bayer.

This Wednesday, France 2 in a documentary of the same name, Sarah Abitbol, ​​led to a wave of support from her shattered dreams from the beginning of skating, her traumatic memory loss to her freedom of speech. Tells the story of. , Starts sports #metoo in France.

Interviews of the times, archived footage, terrible passages from books

To tell her story as much as possible, Emmanuel Anison and Remy Berkel called on people near her: her mother, Martine, her brother, Simon, coach from her debut in Paris, Jean. Christoph Simond, her “First Love with the Savior” “and Stephane Bernadis, who has won many medals in Europe and around the world.

Philippe Candeloro, Sports Minister Marie Georges Buffet, Roxana Malacineanu, and other skaters attacked by other coaches such as Bayer and Anne Rhein Roland were also questioned.

Beyond the shocking incident already described in 2020, the documentary includes images and interviews of Sarah Abitbol’s immortal moment by his father, a period broadcast on television, and an interview with his relatives about 20 years later. It’s a fact that plunges viewers into a vicious circle that finds themselves through, but above all, in the text of his book, read about the stretch sessions he loved, the rape at age 15, and the mark she still has today. I’m out.

Everyone was listening to rumors

In particular, we recognize that it was the actual system that was introduced by the FFSG and other sports federations. “Basically, the coach has all the rights to the athlete’s body,” explains Martin, the skater’s mother.

“I was almost certain that you would come to see me someday,” he replies to Giles Beyer and others when his parents confront him. He will finally be prosecuted in January 2021.

Many skaters and members of this world were also aware of his unhealthy behavior. “He was a special trainer in an extraordinary way,” Sara explained, referring to choking on training barriers when he didn’t jump. He also made the skater tap his buttocks a little. This is not trivial. “He always had a wandering hand and a naughty little phrase,” says Stephan. “He was always laughing, you didn’t think it was malicious,” recalls his mother Martine. However, they are three to testify in a documentary of the abuse suffered by Gilles Beyer, and others may not have spoken yet for fear of judgment.

His traumatic memory loss was deciphered

This shameful thing, Sarah Abitbol also evokes it in this documentary by the difficulty of telling her story.After contacting her old friend for testimony ObsShe will take another few months to talk about rape.

The former skater also talked about her traumatic memory loss and how the memory returned to her, depressing her and making her unable to skate. “I’m so sick that I want to die. My only resting moment is on the ice,” she explains, referring to the Holiday on Ice tour she’s attending.

Such a long silence Emmanuel Anison and Remy Berkel aired on Wednesday, May 11th at 9:10 pm in France 2 as part of the evening. “Sports and sexual violence: the end of silence?”

Following the documentary broadcast, Sarah Abitbol, ​​Emmanuel Anison, Minister of Sport Roxana Malassineanu, Sebastian Bouille of the Colosseum au Pie Darjeel Society, and Julian Bugier in front of the victims of sexual violence A debate will be held. Adolescence was attended by sociologist and anthropologist Philip Riotal, who specializes in sexual violence in sports, and Greg Decamp, president of the French Society of Sport Psychology.