UFC General Manager announced that the organization has arrived in Paris on September 3rd.

“Did you announce that the UFC will arrive in France for the next school year?
in fact! We are very pleased to announce that we are coming to Paris on September 3rd at Bercy’s Accor Arena. And tickets will be released on June 24th!

What time does the event take place? There is a time difference between France and the United States, which can affect pay-per-view …
The event will be in prime time in Paris time. We believe this is very important. I don’t know exactly, Hand card It starts at the beginning of the evening for you in Paris. The most important thing for us is to satisfy French fans, especially for the first-come-first-served basis. We want to provide the best cards at the best time.

Are Ciryl Gane and Manon Fioroto there? Can you already guarantee us?
We clearly respect France’s best chances, but we can’t say anything for sure at this stage. Please wait. I’m sure it’s great. You won’t be disappointed.

Are you going to sign a new French fighter for that opportunity?
I’m not the perfect place to answer you, we need to see it in Dana White (UFC Chairman)But the good news is that our matchmakers are always looking to France and are always looking for good fighters. But believe me, there are lots of French on the map, I can assure you.

“Our goal was not to come first.”

Lawrence Epstein, UFC General Manager

You land in France, but your direct rival Bellator has already come twice …
Our goal was not to come first. But rather to be the first person to offer the best show. We are very pleased to announce the first event in Paris, where MMA has been recognized and broadcast with the Ministry of Sports around the world, especially in France, for over a decade. Betting on UFC events is allowed on French TV channels … It’s been a long way to come to you, it took a lot of effort.

What does France represent about the UFC’s commercial development?
It’s an absolutely big potential market. We know that France has so many fans. Despite the long ban, there is a real MMA culture. France is a brand in itself and is known all over the world. Being in France is inevitably beneficial to us. And our long-term plan is to be there on a regular basis, and perhaps every few years. We are confident that hosting several events in different cities, especially Paris and Marseille, will be a true starting point for our development. We have regular dates and would like to give you the opportunity to travel to France. I think early September is an interesting day.

Will you be the beginning of a long history with France?
we hope. But we have been here for a long time already. As you know, and as I told you, we have been striving for over a decade to educate people to understand this sport and work for its recognition. Especially by meeting with coaches and club leaders … it’s been a long way, but today it’s a kind of achievement. There is still work to be done, so there is only one. It’s a long story, but a new chapter will be opened. »»