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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative politician has made a bold proposal for Chelsea’s FA Cup semi-finals against the Crystal Palace at Wembley Stadium.

Premier League giant Chelsea will go to Ukraine to sell tickets for the FA Cup semi-finals with Crystal Palace in April at Wembley Stadium. The chairman of the Digital Culture Commission urged the club’s government media and sports (DCMS) to follow Russia. defeat. Owner, Roman Abramovich, sanctioned.

The Champions League quarterfinals are prohibited from selling tickets as part of a series of steps to prevent businessman Abramovich from using the club due to a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Each of the four FA Cup semi-finalists could expect to be assigned approximately 33,000 tickets to a match at the National Stadium with a capacity of 90,000.

The government is said to have made imminent decisions about whether Chelsea can sell tickets and what conditions Bruce must meet to do so.

“FA must be allowed to sell tickets to Chelsea fans as long as all the money is paid to the Ukrainian people.” Assisted Julian Knight, a Tory lawmaker in the town of Midlands in Solihull.

“It’s ridiculous to face Wembley’s half-full outlook against Palace in the Chelsea FA Cup semi-finals.

“Chelsea is more than its owner. It’s a very important creature for fans and their communities. »»

Under restrictions, only season ticket holders can buy tickets for Chelsea home games at Stamford Bridge. That is, the club cannot spend more than $ 26,000 on selling merchandise, binding players to new contracts, signing, or traveling to away games.

The curb was carried out under a government license where Chelsea acts as a potential buyer preparing a bid for the third-place side on the UK’s top flight.

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Chelsea shock next match in Britain

Abramovich said in a statement that he would like to use the proceeds after the proceedings when he surprised football by announcing that he wanted to sell the club on March 4, six days before the sanctions were announced. “For the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine. »»

The billionaire was subsequently banned from any sale, but the government is prepared to give a special exemption to the transaction if a suitable owner is found.

The plight of Chelsea tickets was focused on Saturday prior to the FA Cup quarterfinals at the Championship Club Middlesbrough.

A controversial statement from the club called for a closed-door match to maintain the integrity of the competition.

The second tier team responded quickly and called for a move “Weird and has no merit” Before Chelsea withdraws their very malicious proposal.

It is believed that about 600 away fans who bought tickets before the sale was discontinued due to Abramovich’s restrictions traveled to Middlesbrough, and about 3,200 tickets were returned from Chelsea for sale to home supporters. ..

Chelsea won the FA Cup eight times and lost to Leicester in the final at Wembley last season.

Knight shared the message Putin “Must fail” He said he supported sanctions against Abramovich shortly after Abramovich was imposed.

“But we need a mechanism to allow fans to continue watching Chelsea. The club will be exchangeable and will eventually be sold with a firm guarantee that the ruble will not return to Russia in any way.” He added.

Romelu Lukaku and Hakim Ziyech won 2-0 in Middlesbrough and sealed Chelsea’s position in the last four games.

Thomas Tuchel’s team won the last six games of all tournaments after an international break and before returning to Brentford on April 2.