Ukraine: Boris Romanchenko, a survivor of Nazism killed in Russian bombardment

War in Ukraine-After surviving the Nazi barbarism, he died in Russian bombardment. Boris Romanschenko, a survivor of the internment camp, was killed in a shell in the building where he lived in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine.

“The strike struck the skyscraper where he lived. His apartment was burned down,” he said in a press release, expressing his “fear” and “mourning the loss of his best friend.”

A 96-year-old former prisoner of Buchenwald and vice chairman of the Buchenwald Memorial International Commission in Ukraine died on Friday, March 18. The organization states that his granddaughter has informed him of his death.

“In 2012, Boris Romanchenko (second from the right in the photo) read the Buchenwald Memorial to celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of the Buchenwald Memorial.” A new rule of peace and freedom. To make the world “On Twitter, I remember the Buchenwald Memorial and the Mitterbaudra Memorial.

Ukrainian President Andrey Jermac, Chief of Staff, told Telegram about the death of Boris Romanchenko, a 96-year-old prisoner in the Nazi concentration camp that survived Buchenwald. However, he died in 2022 in a Russian missile in his own apartment in Kharkov. This is what they call a “denazification operation”.

Indeed, Vladimir Putin continues to justify the invasion of Ukraine by the need to “blame” the country, propaganda debates, and especially references to World War II condemned by historians.

Survivors of four different Nazi camps

Boris Romantschenko was deported to Germany in 1942 as a forced laborer at the age of 16. He was sent to the Buchenwald camp in central Germany in 1943 after an attempt to escape. He was then housed in Peenemünde, Mitterbaudra and Bergen-Belsen.

Before returning to Ukraine, he had to serve Soviet troops stationed in East Germany for several years, according to the charity Maximilian Kolbe, material and psychological for former prisoners in the Nazi camp. Engaged in support. AFP employees told AFP.NGO that the association had been in contact with Boris Romanchenko, on the eighth floor of the Kharkov building, who was ill and could hardly leave his single-living apartment, for several years.

“The horrific death of Boris Romanschenko shows how threatening the war in Ukraine is to the survivors of the concentration camps,” the Buchenwald Memorial and the Mitterbaudra Memorial Foundation gave them medicine. Emphasize that you are about to send food. She estimates that about 42,000 survivors of Nazi persecution currently live in Ukraine.

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