Ukraine: Radio France fixer kidnapped and tortured by Russian troops talks about his trials

Reporters Without Borders has released the testimony of Radio France’s fixer, who was kidnapped and tortured in Ukraine for Russian troops. Struffing, electric shocks, beatings with iron rods, mock executions, he would have been the victim of numerous tortures for nine days.

This is a “chilling” testimony released by Reporters Without Borders on Monday. Fixer, a local guide for journalists, was kidnapped by Russian troops and subsequently tortured many times. A 32-year-old man was abducted from a village in Central Ukraine on March 5. He was captured for more than 9 days.

Abducted on the wheel of a “press” car

RSF calls her Nikita, but for security reasons her true name remains unknown. Nikita was hired by a computer company, but she was having a hard time with the computer company in February. After that, the man becomes a fixer. He works with Radio France (France Info, France Inter, France Culture …). After his disappearance and kidnapping, he delivers his version of the facts to the NGO.

Nikita says he was kidnapped “on the wheel of the vehicle identified by the” press “symbol.” He fell into an “ambush by Russian reconnaissance forces at the edge of the forest” on March 5. “The soldiers (…) caught him, threw him to the ground, searched for it, and beat him. He still shouts that he is a civilian. They apparently lead him to military shooting. I took him to a soldier who was scouting for him. “Artillery,” RSF explains on its website.

Thrown into the “groove next to a dead dog”

He was then captured and victims of multiple blows. “Blow it from the bottom of the machine gun to the face and body. (…) The soldiers threw him into the ditch next to the dead dog and put him into a mock execution. The soldier had his weapon working. After confirming that, Shot grabbed Nikita’s head, “reports borderless reporters.

Nikita was then taken to a Russian military camp, “We tie him to a tree, steal his wedding ring and put him barefoot.” According to his testimony, he will then be beaten more by the Russian army and lose his consciousness several times. For almost three years he is tied to some trees alongside other civilians.

Electric shock and humiliation

As of March 8, Nikita has been about 40 minutes away from that location. “When we arrive, the soldiers take him out of the tank and we throw him to the ground. The soldiers are sitting on his back,” he told RSF investigators. Russians suspect he is a “spy”. After that, he receives some “electric shocks”. “He talks about three to four electric shocks, every five to ten seconds.” The other two have also been tortured.

He then needs to “write and sign”, in which he must declare “his support for the invasion of Russian troops and Ukraine”. On March 10, he is taken to the “basement of another house” with other prisoners.

“If you don’t take it,’we shoot it on the spot.'”

He was released on March 13th. RSF’s Return to Civilization: “Nikita was released into the woods an hour later on the road. I thought he was executed and ran. The bullet arrived on the road without whistling. Again with Russian soldiers. After confronting, Nikita manages to get into a Ukrainian civilian’s car, fearing being kidnapped again with the road. If you don’t take him, the soldiers will tell the disliked civilians “us. Shoots him on the spot. “

Following these facts, Reporters Without Borders decided to send a version of Nikita to the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor.