Ukraine: Radio France modifier says he was tortured by Russian troops

War in Ukraine-“Frozen testimony”. Reporters Without Borders gathered stories of a 32-year-old corrector and interpreter who was tortured by Russian troops after being kidnapped in Ukraine for nine days.

On its website, Reporters Without Borders NGO revealed details of this very harsh testimony on Monday, March 21st. , BFMTV, and even RFI.

“Russian troops’ ruthless testimony to the intensity of war crimes against journalists” emphasizes RSF Secretary-General Christophe Deloire. Reporters Without Borders, who are evacuating to Ukrainian towns today, have described the man as “miracle”, but he is still recovering from his injury.

Abducted from a village in central Ukraine on March 5, he describes his horrific trials on anonymous terms: Time, mock executions, 48 ​​hours of food deprivation … ”, especially mention the NGO at the beginning.

Captured by the Russian army

Nikita (his name changed), who wanted to join his family and evacuate after learning that the road to his village was not freely accessible, was captured alone and “by Russian soldiers. Drive the vehicle identified by the “press” symbol. They said, “I caught him, threw him to the ground, searched for him, and beat him. He still shouts that he is a civilian. They are clearly in a place to guide him to bombardment. I took him to a soldier. “

Upon discovering his profession, the Russians begin to torture him. “The blade of the knife brushes his eyes and descends along his cheeks, threatening to cut his face. […] The blow rained and hit the face and body from the bottom of the machine gun. Soldiers throw him into the ditch next to the dead dog and put him into a mock execution. The soldier pretends to make sure his weapon is working, and the shot grabs Nikita’s head.

He was then repatriated to a Russian camp, tied to a tree and stolen his wedding ring, and then “he was hit hard on his leg with an iron rod.” He says the soldiers seemed to behave uninterestingly.

Letter of electric shock and support to the Russian army

In the treatment Nikita received, the account described the rare violent torture sessions that took place after March 8th: Another gives him an electric shock. His eyesight is obstructed, his face is glued to the ground, and Nikita can’t explain with any instrument. But he talks about 3-4 electric shocks, 5-10 seconds each time. ”

He must also write and sign a letter declaring his support for the invasion of the Russian army and Ukraine, by order of the army. He was then transferred from one basement to another, along with three other civilians, and was joined by another prisoner (former Ukrainian official) on March 10.

Unexpected release

On March 13, the trial finally ends after being informed the day before he will be released. “Nikita is released into the woods after an hour’s drive. He thinks he’s been executed and running,” he said, but the bullet didn’t whistle.

“After facing Russian soldiers again on the road and fearing being kidnapped again, Nikita managed to get into a Ukrainian civilian car. If you don’t take him, he’s reluctant. A soldier says to a typical civilian, “We shoot him on the spot.”

To ensure the credibility of his testimony, Reporters Without Borders explained that he gathered his stories in several sessions on March 17th and 18th.

“Various parts of his account were corroborated by interviews with members of his family, one of his former fellow prisoners and two journalists at Radio France. During an examination by an RSF employee. I was able to accompany him and see the treatment he received, especially the traces of his cerebral agitation and shocked legs, “explains the details of the NGO who decided to tell the story to the prosecutor. International Criminal Court.

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