Ukraine: Solidarity, fear of World War III … these French are armed and tell

Many French, like Anthony, Junkristov and Victor, are ready to leave to join the international army. This Sunday, February 27, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky called on people around the world to join the resistance to repel the Russian troops that invaded the country.

Anthony Pompidou is ready. The 33-year-old Ellow is determined to leave to protect his country and his family, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for participation in resistance to Russian occupiers. In his head, everything is calculated. The sales person said, “What are you mentally preparing to live? [s]We are 39-45 “grandfathers. Young men often look at medals and wonder when their turn will come. But he is afraid. Not from the war, but “from the bad decisions of our government, guided by terrifying people who do not know how to hold knives.”

Fear of Sambresova “World war” And the future decision of Vladimir Putin. Through his reflection, many questions come to his mind: “Does he stop only in Ukraine or does he want to go further?”; “What is the risk in France?”

Need to be prepared to experience what grandparents and great-grandparents experienced in Hitler’s day?

He hesitates, but will be happy to leave because “everyone knows the only way to stop this character.”

For Jean-Christophe ,His decision was made “on the first day of the attack.”

.. The 50th anniversary flew from Paris to Poland on Tuesday, March 1st. “I have been to Ukraine before. I lived in Ukraine 5 years ago and was already very sensitive to the situation.” His relatives tried to keep him in vain. “They are afraid of me, but at the same time proud of me.” [s]This former language teacher is not trained to fight, but “suggests Service as an interpreter for the Ukrainian army “

He speaks “English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian” and “it works well in Ukrainian”. For him, this is his way of fighting the Russians and helping the Ukrainians. When you get there, a “Ukrainian friend” will pick you up at the border and guide you to the “meeting place”.

Similar volunteer profile On Sunday, Volodymyr Zelensky announced the creation of“International Army” , Consists of volunteers who wanted to help the Ukrainian army repel Russian attackers. “All foreigners who want to join the resistance to the Russian occupation forces and protect the security of the world have been invited by the Ukrainian authorities to join the defense forces,” he said in a statement. Since then, the French have organized to reach the border with volunteer convoys in the four corners of the country. For example, the Facebook page “Group of French Volunteers in Ukraine” counts on March 1st.

Over 3,000 members.

Within this group, Victor , 34 years old from Aude. Far from being trained in combat, he still wants to join the Ukrainian army. Because at the age of 30, there is an asset called hunting. He deals with weapons and also takes a “weeks, summer, winter” survival course.Young Audois suspects Russian president If he can take Ukraine, he wants to take over another country

.. “Members don’t seem to want to strike hard to resolve this dispute at our doorstep, so I want to help our brothers,” he analyzes. “We don’t have to do geopolitics to know that they are also influencing our future bread,” the seasonal chef points out, Ukraine represents much in terms of “agricultural imports.” It states that it is. Thanks to the French Volunteer page, he said, “I’ll definitely leave with the former gendarmerie of Aude.” In his words, Mobilized people are “briefed” directly on the spot.Often the profiles are the same. Men aged 30 to 60 who are irrelevant and want to participate to help the country ..In the Facebook group mentioned above, one of the admins announced that the departure to Paris is finally about to take place.

Thursday, March 3 And we advise those who are “carefully” selected to bring “sanitary equipment, warm clothing, food”. Currently, 6 vehicles are ready at the start. The address and time will only be notified to selected volunteers …

The name has changed.