Ukraine: Summit in Versailles, Putin, “Resilience” Plan … Things to Remember from Emmanuel Macron’s Speech

It’s a new day when Emmanuel Macron just spent his time in the costume of the President of the Republic at the Elysee Palace. And only as president of the republic. The war in Ukraine disrupted smooth operations around the world, Europe, and on a completely different scale at the end of his five-year term.

Two days before the deadline for the declaration of candidacy for the Constitutional Council, the head of state solemnly dedicated himself to the French at 8 pm. And don’t announce his desire to run for the second term. Recorded intervention.

“Russia is an invader”

“Since the brutal attack by President France, France and Putin, Russian troops have attacked Kyiv and besieged the country’s most important cities,” he began in front of the flags of France, Europe and Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron expects the next few days to become even more difficult as more and more refugees arrive in neighboring countries.

The President of Ukraine is “a face of honor, a face of courage,” he continues. The Head of State guarantees that this war is not due to NATO or Europe. “President Putin deliberately chose a war on his own. This war is not a conflict between NATO on the one hand and Russia on the other. Russia has not been attacked, it is an invader,” he said. Blame

“France and Europe responded immediately.”

For him, this war is the result of a spirit of revenge nurtured by the revisionist spirit of European history. “France and Europe responded instantly, unanimously and firmly,” he says. He recalls the dispatch of military equipment and humanitarian aid. He welcomes the “overwhelming” vote obtained at the United Nations to condemn this act of war. “We will continue to work hard to guide the nation to condemn the aggression,” he said.

The President of the Republic is proud of the work done to protect the French and guarantees that everything has been done to allow the French to leave Ukraine. Keep in mind, however, that Jean-Yves Le Drian could not evacuate the French directly and he regretted being able to take charge of them for the first time across the border.

“I also chose to stay in touch with President Putin.”

He says his goal is to stop the fighting. But Emmanuel Macron recalls that France is “not a war with Russia” and thinks of Russians who are also suffering from wars they do not want. “I also chose to stay in touch with President Putin,” he said, convincing him “to abandon weapons and prevent transmission and the spread of conflict.”

He expects this war to shake Europe. Refugees are welcomed on the continent, and France promises to “play that role.” “We organize ourselves and take care of those who come to our soil for protection.”

“Resilience plan” for price increases

“The economic sector is suffering and will continue to suffer,” he warns. Growth is inevitably affected. Faced with these difficulties, Emmanuel Macron promises to protect the French. He will respond appropriately to price increases. Emmanuel Macron instructed Jean Castex not to implement the resilience plan.

March 10th and 11th Summit

For the head of state, Europe is facing a changing era. “Democracy is being questioned in front of us,” he said. Faced with a return to this brutal tragedy, Emmanuel Macron proposes to pursue a strategy of dependence and investment in Europe. “Europe must agree to pay the price of peace,” he explained, “deciding for myself.” Therefore, Emmanuel Macron defends the new economic model based on progress. He says this independence must also be related to energy. Emmanuel Macron will also bring together European heads of state and government leaders in Versailles on March 10 and 11 to act in this direction and discuss Europe in defense, which “must take a new step.”

National issues remain: presidential election. “It will enable an important democratic debate for the nation. I know you can count on your attachment to freedom,” he said. This is the second time Emmanuel Macron has spoken directly to his compatriots. He had already done so during a five-minute short speech on the night of the Russian invasion six days ago.Then he promised to return to France “” Owned I was informed of the progress of the situation and the decisions made.