Ukraine: Total CEO responds to Jadot with photos of employees who have become soldiers

Politics-The CEO of TotalEnergies is “angry” with those who criticize the company’s maintenance in Russia, especially Yannick Jadot. Environmental candidates are one of the most critical of its activities in France’s energy giants and Russia. Thus he regularly rebuked the company and identified it as an “accomplice” of “war crimes” against Ukraine. What caused Patrick Puyanne’s indignation.

“Mr. Jadot has accused a total of 100,000 employees in participating in war crimes. It’s very serious, it’s an insult,” said Energy Giants CEO at RTL on Wednesday, March 23. Said.

To prove his company’s commitment, he presented photos of two Ukrainian soldiers who were total employees before the start of the war. “These are the two heroes of our company today,” guarantees Patrick Poyanné. Before adding, he bitterly states: It lowers him in polls. He should continue the campaign and stop insulting us. “

On March 11, in Bordeaux, Yannick Jadot accused the French company of maintaining its activities in Russia in front of journalists. “That’s a shame. It’s a shame for our country that a large national group is involved in war crimes. So I’m asking the President of the Republic to force a total withdrawal from Russia. “He insisted. He is calling for gas activity as well as oil outages.

“We cannot replace the government.”

On March 22, Patrick Puyanne announced that it would end its oil purchases in Russia by the end of 2022. The “strong decision” he describes is not under “pressure” but taking responsibility. “You can’t make a quick decision without knowing what the consequences will be. For us, the question was whether we could replace this Russian oil,” the leader elaborated.

Fallback solutions can be found not only in the German government, one of the beneficiaries of Russian imports, but also in France, which “imports 30% of diesel from Russia”. “We plan to send Saudi Arabian diesel to France instead of Asia,” explains Patrick Pouyann.

But he adds: “Yesterday I announced about oil because I know how to replace it. Gas, I don’t know what to do.” “I have a 25-year contract, but I’m out of these contracts. I don’t know how. (…) If I shut down Russian gas, I would immediately pay the Russians billions of dollars, “he said.

And only one can make a decision with such serious consequences to return the ball to the United States. “Without Russian gas, we closed part of the European economy, and I’m the CEO of a large group, so are you going to decide for yourself?” Asks Patrick Pouyanné. “We, the TotalEnergies company, cannot replace the government in terms of energy supply.”

The issue of Russia’s gas and oil embargo has been raised many times by leaders since the invasion of Russia began. However, no compromise was found at this stage. The NATO, G7 and European Union summits will continue from Thursday, with the issue of energy sovereignty at the center of the debate. Participating Joe Biden, according to national security adviser Jake Sullivan, should “announce joint action to strengthen Europe’s energy security” and reduce Russia’s dependence on gas.

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