Ukraine War Live: Moscow accuses U.S. of interfering with “difficult” Russia-Ukraine negotiations


  • In the face of a Russian-led war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will video to parliament at 3 pm to seek further support for his country.
  • About 100,000 civilians are still stuck in Mariupol’s major port city, where Russian tanks entered after several weeks of bombardment.
  • The White House announced on Thursday that Western nations “announce new sanctions on Russia and strengthen existing sanctions.”
  • More than 3.5 million people fled Ukraine and the invasion of Russian troops caused fighting.


Kyiv calls on Westerners to deliver “aggressive weapons”

“Our army and civilians have superhuman courage, but without potential deterrent intermediate-range missiles, we cannot win the war without offensive weapons,” said Andrey, President of Ukraine.・ Chief of Staff Jermac pleaded. In a video released on Telegram on Tuesday night. But “we haven’t been given them,” he lamented. “Like they don’t give us planes,” he added, the demands at this stage are systematic by Westerners who do not want to intervene in Ukraine militarily for fear of an expanding conflict with Russia. Was rejected.


Zelensky addresses the Japanese parliament

“We are witnessing the powerlessness of the Security Council. The United Nations is powerless. (…)

Japanese leadership will be decisive. I suggest you play this role in the quest for security, “the President of Ukraine pleaded.


Moscow accuses the U.S. of interfering with “difficult” Russia-Ukraine talks

US President Joe Biden is expected in Europe today, where he strives to strengthen Western unity and strengthen sanctions against Russia.


45 Russian diplomats suspected of spying

Polish counterintelligence service ABW has announced that it has identified 45 Russian diplomats suspected of being spies.

“Internal security agencies have created a list of 45 people working in Poland under the cover of diplomatic activities (…) that are actually spying on Poland,” Stanislav Zarin reports. I told the agency.


Russia’s attack is “deadlocked,” says Olaf Scholz

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is “deadlocked, despite all the destruction it causes every day,” says Olaf Scholz.

“The truth is that war destroys Ukraine, but by waging war, (Vladimir) Putin also destroys Russia’s future,” the German Prime Minister added before Congress, and Kyiv gave “help” from Germany. I guaranteed that I could count on it.


China “supports” Putin’s participation in the next G20

China disagrees with the idea that Russia will be excluded from the next G20 summit. A spokesman for the Russian Federation told reporters, “Russia is an important member of the (G20) and no member has the right to expel another.”

The United States is considering the possibility of excluding Russia from certain international organizations. Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to Joe Biden, said: “But for certain institutions and certain decisions, we would like to consult with our allies and with the partners of these institutions before making a decision.”


“Without Russia’s gas, we would stop part of the European economy,” says Total CEO.

Approximately a month after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, a French group announced on Tuesday that it would abandon all Russian oil or petroleum product purchases by the end of the year at the latest.

“I know how to replace this Russian oil for diesel,” but “without Russian gas, we would stop part of the European economy,” guarantees Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of TotalEnergies at RTL. Did.

Will the group leave Russia altogether? “I’m not going to do that, we invested in a factory for almost $ 13 billion (…) Withdrawal is zero these 13 billion to Russians because no one can buy them Do you want me to abandon Russian assets to enrich the sanctioned Russians? He launched.


“90% of Mariupol’s homes” were damaged or destroyed

According to Alexei Arestovych, military adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky, “90% of the housing sector has been damaged or destroyed” in Mariupol’s martyrdom city, according to an interview with BFMTV. But he assures that the Russians “do not control the city.” “They have made progress in certain areas, their goal is to devastate the city.”


What is the red line of conflict?

“We avoid entering the form of co-belligerence as soon as NATO members are no longer directly involved, but there are other areas in which Putin can test our determination.” The former Prime Minister admits.


“In the face of frustrated opponents, the risk is escalation.”

“On the Russian side, there is a deep frustration that emphasizes the execution of the operation. In the face of frustrated opponents, the risk is escalation. And that is the possibility of chemical weapons,” Dominique de Villepin said. I warn you.


The threat of “tsunami to the earth” warns Dominique de Villepin

“If we don’t stop the war, if we escalate, there will be a tsunami on Earth,” the former Prime Minister of BFMTV guarantees. How to stop this conflict? “We need to tighten sanctions, identify messages sent to Putin, and show the potential to respond to each other through negotiations,” he says.


Total embargo on Russian gas?No, says Richard Ferrand

“We are not ready because it is impossible (…) The subject is to influence Russia’s political decisions. (…) The goal is not to punish the French. America The difference with humans is that they are autonomous and sellers of their energy. I am confident that sanctions will be heavier and bear fruit. ”


“He will speak freely,” guarantees Richard Ferrand a few hours before Zelensky speaks.

“It will be an opportunity to talk to the French. Let him talk about where the talks with the Russians are and how things are organized to resist. The level of assistance he received. He will speak freely, “guarantees the chairman of the National Assembly of the French Inter.


The fight against tuberculosis in Ukraine “stopped in a day”

Ukraine has long suffered from tuberculosis, the world’s most deadly infectious disease, until the advent of Covid-19. According to Askar Yedilbayev, Head of Tuberculosis at WHO Europe, the country is “one of the pioneering countries in the response to tuberculosis” in the region and praised “exemplary work”. However, the Russian invasion “has devastated Ukrainian medical services,” he told the media.


Cello between the ruins

Famous French cellist Gautier Capuçon shares the performance of a Kyiv artist in the middle of the ruins of the capital.


The first humanitarian train departing from Strathbourg

To help the Ukrainian people, Civil Protection departs the first humanitarian train from Strasbourg Station to Romania today at 2:00 pm. A donation of 160 tons will be sent. Citizen Protection Updates Donation Call:


Belarusian opponents demand sanctions against Lukashenko

Russian President “Putin has been legitimately criticized all over the world, but Lukashenko deserves a much broader problem than ever before,” the British weekly magazine The New European said in a Belarusian opposition. The person, Pavel Putinco, writes. Otherwise, he warns that Western countries will leave a “huge loophole” by allowing them to circumvent sanctions via Belarus, where “Russians still have access to Western brands.” There is.


What message does President Zelensky convey to French parliamentarians?

After the parliament of Italy, Israel and even Germany, the President of Ukraine will defend his proceedings in front of a French agent. What does he say? Discover our answer.


Zelensky ready for a “compromise”

The Ukrainian president said yesterday that he was ready to discuss a “compromise” to “stop the war” with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Donbas and Crimea.

The Kremlin decided on Tuesday that the ongoing negotiations with Kyiv were not sufficiently “substantial.”

Volodymyr Zelensky. AFP


The end of Kyiv’s curfew that “never” surrenders

“In the worst case, we die, but never surrender,” Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Tuesday before the Council of Europe when Russian troops tried to surround his city. Shouted out.


Biden warns of targeted cyberattacks in the West

“Russia may be preparing action against us, it has considerable computer resources, and it will happen,” Joe Biden said in a meeting with business representatives in Washington on Monday. I warned in the meantime.


100,000 civilians stuck in Mariupol

About 100,000 people are trapped under a Russian bomb in the besieged Mariupol. Approximately a month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, there is only one major city, but it is still bombing several cities. The city, which was almost completely destroyed by the Russians, is now called “freezing hell” by its inhabitants.

Mariupol’s martyred city.Reuters


New Western sanctions in front of you

The White House announced on Tuesday that Westerners would “announce new sanctions against Russia and strengthen existing sanctions” on Thursday. Washington also assured that the United States “did not see China supplying Russia with military equipment” since President Joe Biden recently exchanged with China’s Xi Jinping, as Washington said by Beijing. Guaranteed to “continue to monitor” potential behavior.


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