Ukrainian color Russian suit reacts the Kremlin

According to the Russian space agency, this is by no means a gesture of support for Ukraine, but a reference to the university.

It was an image of traveling around the world. The last three Russian astronauts on the ISS wore yellow and blue suits. In the current situation, a powerful gesture clearly interpreted as a gesture of support for Ukraine that Russia is about to invade. But according to Roscosmos, the national space agency that depends directly on the Kremlin, that would not be the case.

The BBC explained that the agency immediately denied this position, saying, “Interesting inventions of foreign media“. “Sometimes yellow is just yellow”, The agency said in a telegram post found by “The design of these uniforms was defined long before the present event.”

University color

Dmitry Rogozin, director of the agency’s sulfur, said that this inevitably very exciting color at the moment actually corresponds to the color of the Baumann National Institute of Technology in Moscow, where three astronauts cut their teeth. It was revealed that it was... “Under no circumstances will we prohibit astronauts who are graduates of Bauman University from wearing the colors of their alma mater emblems.”, The director says. In any case, it is true that equivalent color combinations have already been used in the past, as evidenced by this 2014 image.

Inevitably, questions were also asked when astronauts arrived at the ship during the press conference. And they were much more evasive and less categorical than Rogozin. They did not mention Bauman University, but they did not verbally mention their support for Ukraine.

Oleg Artemiev, one of the three astronauts in question, preferred to stay in touch. “”It was my turn to choose a colorHe jokingly launched.Actually, I had a lot of yellow cloth, so I had to use it well. !! “. Therefore, whether it is a political message or not, the mystery remains.

Bauman University logo. © BMSTU

Color makes people talk, but cooperation continues

But the story still has good news. The cooperation surrounding the ISS continues in a wonderful state of mind. A Russian astronaut was welcomed by his colleagues with open arms. And even the agency put water in their wine. So far, we are getting on the station and continuing to operate as planned. And, despite this frankly, it goes without saying that Rogozin’s very hostile remarks openly threatened to crash the ISS.

This is great news for American astronaut Mark Vande Hay. He must return from the ISS on March 30 with two Russian colleagues. He will also be back in a Russian vehicle, and some observers were hoping for some diplomatic sparks for that opportunity. However, Roscosmos has already announced that he will be brought back as planned and will not prevent him from returning to the United States.

Veteran astronaut Mark Vande Hay will return from the ISS on March 30 in a Russian vehicle. © NASA / ESA / Tomas Specke

ISS, major diplomatic channel

Therefore, the ISS is now playing an important role beyond its usual scientific mission. For years it has represented a neutral zone, the unwavering ivory tower in international affairs. It plays an important role as a symbolic excuse, a common purpose for maintaining cooperation.

Therefore, it is even more important in the current situation. At the moment, this is one of the last points that Russians and Americans continue to actively work together. And it is encouraging to make sure that the Russian government is not fundamentally opposed to the decision to cooperate in the current situation where relations are generally very tense.

Is this enough to expect a way out of the crisis through negotiations? Especially after Vladimir Putin’s last speech, it’s hard to say at the moment. But until then, the ISS will undoubtedly continue to represent the privileged diplomatic channels that the world needs very much at this time.