Ukrainian Crisis: Did Emmanuel Macron stage his diplomatic efforts for election purposes?

Candidates for the April presidential election in France are trying to formalize their second candidacy, ridiculing Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic efforts during the Ukrainian crisis and claiming that the head of state staged his actions for election purposes. I blamed him.

However, opposition leaders were held to explain past comments and deals with Russia. While France chaired the Council of the European Union, Emmanuel Macron was at the forefront of preventing the war in Ukraine and went to Moscow in early February to meet Vladimir Putin.

Over the last few weeks, he has also spoken over the phone for hours and several times with the Russian President and other leaders in hopes of achieving deescalation. These efforts did not prevent Vladimir Putin from recognizing the independence of the two regions of eastern Ukraine held by pro-Russian separatists.

Staging that doesn’t work

Marine Le Pen closed her face, sat at a desk near the phone, and Emmanuel Macron overdoed in response to the Instagram release of a black-and-white photo taken by Elysee’s official photographer showing the head of state. I accused him of that.

“I saw a picture of Emmanuel Macron stubble and head in his hand. It’s all very artistic, but it’s not serious to tell about these subjects,” said the President of the National Union (RN). RTL said. When asked about the president’s criticism, a government source replied, “If you think of diplomacy as just public relations, you’re downplaying thousands of years of diplomacy.”

Marine Le Pen, beaten by Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the 2017 presidential election, came in second in a poll far behind the head of state. The candidacy is not yet official.

Macron despised by Putin?

In the latest poll conducted by Ifop, Emmanuel Macron is in the lead, with 25% of the votes cast in the first round of the April 10 presidential election. Next up are Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, another far-right candidate, with 16% neck and neck.

Eric Zemmour, famous for nationalist rhetoric, said Russia’s decision to allow the independence of the two secession areas of eastern Ukraine showed that Emmanuel Macron was despised by Vladimir Putin. However, while it is difficult to measure the weight of criticism of Emmanuel Macron in the Ukrainian file of the campaign, his main enemy is walking on the eggshell on this subject.

So far, Macron has reigned as president, while other candidates seem to be walking in the children’s pool.

Therefore, Marine Le Pen and Russophilia Eric Zemmour had to decide to deal with the measured criticism of the Kremlin’s master. “At this point, Macron is reigning as president, but other candidates seem to be walking in the children’s pool,” an analyst at Euro Intelligence wrote in a note. “Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, the more favorable candidates for Russia, now need to justify their position.”

Russophilia forced to blame

Marine Le Pen, who received a loan from a Russian bank to fund the 2017 campaign that visited Vladimir Putin in 2014, was forced to condemn the latest decision of the Russian president. “The act of escalation is really disappointing, but it’s not the final one,” she said at RTL on Tuesday.

In a tweet released by Eric Zemmour in September 2020, a former columnist said he was in favor of the “Russian Alliance” and described Moscow as the “most reliable” ally, ahead of Washington, Berlin and London in society. Was ridiculed by me. network. Eric Zemmour wrote in a statement Monday that Russia’s decision to allow independence in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions “violates Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

He added that Russia is primarily responsible for the situation, but it is also “a result of the policies pursued by the West and NATO.” Republican candidate Valerie Pécrès spoke with the Ukrainian ambassador to Paris on Wednesday.